Confessions of Murder Preview

Confessions of Murder

I recently had the opportunity to attend the movie preview of Confession of Murder (thanks to and GV), a Korean movie about a serial killer who evades capture after murdering 10 women, possibly 11, but the last victim, who was also Choi Hyung-gu’s (primary detective) girlfriend, was never confirmed. After some time has passed, the murderer comes out of the closet after the statue of limitations has expired and writes a book depicting his gruesome acts in detail, as a his way of atonement and repentance (or so he says). His book soon propels him to celebrity status and he even gains a fan following, much to the irate of the victims’ family and Hyung-gu. It was an enjoyable movie with a nice twist at the end. I would definitely recommend it to those who can stomach (moderate) violence peppered with a little (dark) humor. You can read more about my review here.

Confessions of Murder Preview

Confessions of Murder would be my first movie for the year and my second preview screening after Frankeweenie. Like the screening for Frankeweenie, the seating arrangement for Confessions of Murder was ‘free’ seating (which reminded me more of the cinemas in Paris where you get to choose your own seats). Besides bloggers who were invited by, there were also contest winners (I think) for Channel One who got freebies and goodie bags of popcorn and souvenirs (e.g. posters). Not that I am complaining, just saying that it would have been nice to get some freebies as well. ^^

Don’t forget to read more about my review of Confession of Murder!

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