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If you don’t know already, St Games is a gaming café that offers you the experience of console gaming for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 (Kinect) and Nintendo Wii; a perfect solution for those who want to try or cannot afford the space and game consoles. Since JP was in town recently, we decided to head to St Games at Cathay for some gaming fun. St Games at Cathay was having a promotion a 10% off Gong Cha drinks each or your choice of Hello Panda Biscuits/canned drinks (I think). We selected the S$14 per person for 2 hours package and had the 10% off for Gong Cha (my favorite!). Although JP had played at St Games before, he had never gotten the card. So it was an additional S$3 (it used to be S$5) for his ‘lifetime membership and card”, and with it came a voucher for a complimentary hour at the (new) outlet at Bugis+

St Games
The room
Fifa Manager 13 at St Games
Fifa Manager 13
We played Fifa Manager 13 (since JP likes soccer so much) for one hour. During which, I “happily” scored in my own goal (to JP’s advantage and my dismay). I don’t think I am very good at this type of games, but it was good fun with my interesting sense of direction. This time the room we got was a different one, and equipped for Rock Band 3 with guitars. So after the hour of scoring for the wrong team, we went for to play Rock Band 3 with the guitars. Now this game I like because all you need is some concentration and have a good sense of rhythm and timing (which is something that JP currently has to hone; finally something I am good at).

Rock Band 3 Guitars at St Games
The guitars! ^^

Soon the other hour passed us by and tempted by the voucher complimentary hour at the (new) outlet at Bugis+, we decided to go again on another day. Overall, the staff were approachable and friendly, further enhancing the gaming experience.

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