The Learning Journey: The Next Phase and Reflections Korean

There are many different types of learning institutes for learning the Korean language scattered throughout Singapore . And I find the school that I am currently studying in the do the job just nicely. The rates might not be the cheapest, but they are not expensive either. The school in question is Daehan Korean Language Center located in the East, conveniently right next to Kembangan MRT at Kembangan Plaza.

So far, the experience at the school has been overall positive with the teacher for my class being friendly and patient. Daehan Korean uses romanization, which might disagree with others, but I find it to be fairly useful trying to find my feet when being introduced to and attempting to learn the alphabets. On the first day, the teacher conducted the class in English peppered with Korean, and as the weeks went by she increased the usage of Korean words (which was very useful in getting used to hearing and understanding the language).

By the 3rd or 4th lesson, we had already learnt the complex consonants like ㅋㅌㄲ ㅉ, and complex vowels such as , , . There were group activities (within my class of about 12-13 students) which were fun and really good hands on learning, making the lessons more holistic with interactions and activities. The (work and text) books used are by Seoul University which contain relatively good with pronunciation rules, short dialogues, notes to explain certain grammar rules and points such as, /, /, . There is even a audio CD that accompanies each of the books, which does help getting used to the ‘listening’ part.

And before I knew it, 13 weeks have flown by relatively quickly. So much so that the test to level up to the next level in learning Korean has come and gone. Now I can say that I (should) be able to do a basic introduction of myself (name, job, hobby etc…), ordering food in a restaurant, counting stuff and what to say in a shopping context. In addition, I also passed the test and have received a certificate and a free dictionary! The dictionary is an incentive for those who scored more than 88 whilst you are eligible for the certificate if you score 77 (and above). It is amazing what the brain can do, comprehending the different languages. I can’t wait for this learning journey to continue to the next stage (it gives my brain a good workout)! ^^ Korean Dictionary
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