Turning off iPhone 5 Camera Sound

I am starting to slightly miss Andriod’s easily customized apps/settings (e.g. SMS/Messages layouts and the interfaces are cute!) and most of all the ability to silence the shutter sound of the camera (I find the noise irritating) - which would be what this post would be about. Unlike a (android) phone, the iPhone hardly comes with an instruction manual, everything is pretty much intuitive (or as much as you get), or you search online for what certain functions can do. I can understand how daunting it might be for those who are new to technology (or even Apple products), when you are pretty much left on your own to figure out most things.

Having an Andriod phone and having used Apple products (e.g. iPod), I assumed that the differences on the iPhone 5 were minimal. I could survive without the Andriod apps that allowed me to change my layout/interfaces for the phone menu and messages. Of course, I also could survive the trouble of not being able to could choose any song as a ring tone and having to go through the trouble to shorten my songs to 30 seconds just to be able to use them as a ringtone (the standard ringtones are very standard indeed) etc… I had wanted to get an iPhone since it first came out, so I know what to expect.

What I cannot understand is the inability to turn off the shutter sound on the iPhone 5’s resident camera. There was nothing in the settings that allowed this and after a little search, I learnt that you can temporarily turn off the shutter sound by activating the “mute” button at the side of the phone (and also muting ever other sound in the process). Though I am happy that there is a solution to this, I am not satisfied with it (given the ease of doing the same on an Andriod, there is even an option to change the shutter sound).

That said, having used both Apple and Andriod, each have their pros and cons, so it really depends on individual preferences towards the slightly different user experiences they offer. But overall I am still satisfied (except for Apple Maps) with it (considering that I have wanted to get an iPhone since 3 to 4 years ago). ^^

Fun Fact: Did you know you can use the volume up button on your Apple headphones to take photos?

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