Petopia’s Pawlentine 2013!

If you haven’t read about what my dog does at Petopia, you can read more about his spa sessions here. Yes, he goes for spa sessions (and I haven’t even been to a spa yet)! His sessions are partly out of necessity (for his skin condition) and partly because I want to pamper him (when I can). While some people might call it a waste of money, I think it is worth the money spent (when you have the means) to see him happy and getting better. Money after all, in essence, is a tool that is meant to be used.

Petopia’s Pawlentine

Anyways, back to the topic on hand about Petopia which always has such interesting promotions and contests for the furry four legged companions: photo contests, one for ones and themed promotions etc... This time I decided to take up the offer for valentine, or rather 'pawlentine', which essentially meant a normal spa session for the doggie with additional treats, a cute photo of him enjoying himself in a pretty frame, and a customized collar (which seems to be a tad small). He loves the treats (which are made out of fish and are very fishy in smell, but he loves it!). His face lit up when he saw his new collar (well, his sparkled more when he saw the food) and he wanted to try it on by putting his head through the collar, only to find that it would make a pretty headband for him instead (either his head is too big or maybe I am not putting it on correctly for him). \(^x^)/ 


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