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Harry Potter World
Butter Beer!

Since we were there to experience the theme park and certain rides, we decided to save some money by not getting the fast (express) passes and just go with the flow. The fast (express) pass could really help you save the waiting time since the average waiting time per ride can range from 60 minutes up to 240 minutes. For about an additional S$132 - 60 (9,800 – 4,500 yen), you can get the fast (express) passes for 7, 5 or 3 rides.

There was a huge crowd at Harry Potter World, so we kinda gave the whole world a miss. We only went there for a look see and took a couple of photos and videos. I know! How could we skip it? Well, since M isn’t much of a Harry Potter fan, it’s no fun doing that solo (that and the fact that the wait time was 240 minutes with an insane queue!) so we went on to explore the other ‘worlds’ instead.

Harry Potter World: the ride that takes up to 240 minutes in waiting without the fast pass!

Despite not having the fast pass, the crowd was still manageable that day and we managed to take 6 rides (we could have taken another one more ride - the Hollywood Dream Backdrop - but after the Flying Dinosaur, we were pretty winded lol) + 1 show + 1 parade! Still not too bad if you ask me. 😁

1) Jaws
Jaws is a boat ride which features the great white shark from the movie "Jaws".
The whole ride lasts about 7 minutes. Passengers are continually stalked by the big creature as the boat cruises the waters.
Photo oppprtunity before or after the ride if you love Jaws that much

It is a pretty action-filled ride: there is fire and smoke, rapid acceleration and jerking  movements which add to the excitement mood. There is a chance that you and your belongs will get wet from the splashes (especially if you are seated at the sides of the boat), so make sure to stow valuables that might get damaged.

2) Jurassic Park – The Flying Dinosaur

If you compare the ride with the same name in Singapore, the one at Osaka is simply nerve wrecking! 360 degree sudden turns, wild turns and coming so close the the ground, not to mention jerking movements to add to the suspense; literally a heart stopper! πŸ’–πŸ’”πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
Highly recommended ride!!!

3) Jurassic Park

The ride was ok and thankfully we didn't really get wet (it's all about where you sit!).

4) The Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man 2
Inside as you wait in line, you walk through the Daily Bugle office and Peter Parker’s cubical.

This ride is a motion-based 3D dark ride that mixes a roller coaster ride with 4D elements: you get your 3D glasses, along with heat, water, and  air elements as the ride progresses in intense and thrilling chase with Spider Man leading the way with narration; although all in Japanese.

5) Hollywood Dream – The Ride

Located right at the entrance, it is touted as one of the steepest and fastest roller coasters in the world. But seriously after taking the Flying Dinosaur, this was like a walk in the park.

6) Back to the Future
Back to the Future

Compared to the other rides in the park, this ride is a pretty retro one (a.k.a old technology). Still it was a pretty entertaining ride. It was a classic simulator ride. We were there before 31 May and it seems that this ride is no longer available having closed on 31 May 2016! 😱😱😱😭

7) Show: Animation Celebration®
Show: Animation Celebration®
An interactive show where Woody Woodpecker® pops out of the screen and zips around the theater.

A wondrous blend of animation and reality that will make your heart dance. It was pretty entertaining and a nice end to a day at the theme park.

The parade was vibrant and just so full of energy! Click on the link above to watch the parade we experienced!

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