Deliveroo Review: Itacho Sushi (Bedok Mall)

Deliveroo: Ordering Itacho Sushi (Bedok Mall)
The Itacho Sushi feast!

After trying out Foodpanda to order food, I decided to give Deliveroo a try and here is the review. After downloading the app, enter in your name and (delivery) address and you are good to go. For payment, there is only the option of paying via credit card or Paypal. So those which want to pay with cash, you might want to consider Foodpanda instead.

Deliveroo: Ordering Itacho Sushi (Bedok Mall)
The Deliveroo app interface is straight forward and easy to use.

Depending on where you stay, the offerings from both Deliveroo and Foodpanda would differ, but it would seem that Foodpanda has a wider range of eateries to choose from (for now). However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying Deliveroo, especially if there is a restaurant you want to try out that is not available in Foodpanda.

It would be good to note that while Foodpanda has at least a minimum order of S$15-18 (depending on the restaurant), while Deliveroo on the other hand has a higher minimum order of S$25. For orders less than S$25, Deliveroo charges an additional S$5 for delivery. The delivery fee for Deliveroo (for orders more than S$25) and Foodpanda are S$3.50 and S$3 respectively.

I wanted to order sushi that day. However there were not much options with Foodpanda for Japanese for my area, so I ended up checking Deliveroo and decided to order from Itacho Sushi

Ordering was a breeze and so was checkout, payment via PayPal was as simple as 1,2,3 too. The estimated delivery time is stated as well and it seems to be a standard for food to be delivered between 45 minutes to an hour for both Deliveroo and Foodpanda. Of course when the demand is super high, you can expect to wait up to 2 hours for your food.

Once the food was ordered and payment made, the only thing to do was to wait. Just like the FoodPanda app, there are notifications and updates on the status of your food (e.g. being prepared, on the way etc…). It was also pretty accurate in terms of estimating when the food would arrive: when the notification prompted that the food was on the way up, the rider really came out of the lift a few seconds after. The wonders of technology!

Deliveroo: Ordering Itacho Sushi (Bedok Mall)
The entire meal, plus delivery, cost S$55.20. There's even a section if you want to tip the rider.

The rider that delivered the food was decked out in Deliveroo’s teal color and was polite whilst handing over the food, which certainly enhanced the experience. As for the food, although it was not piping hot (it was mostly sushi after all), it came well packed. The sushi was yummy and very filling. Besides sushi, I also ordered a bowl of tempura udon soup, which was still acceptable: the tempura was not soggy and the soup was still warm.

Deliveroo: Ordering Itacho Sushi (Bedok Mall)
The bag which contained all the food.
Deliveroo: Ordering Itacho Sushi (Bedok Mall)
Food unveiled: utensils such as chopsticks and condiments like soy sauce & wasabi were provided.

All in all it was a pretty satisfying (albeit pricey) meal, but I would definitely use the Deliveroo app to try out some other eateries another time when I am too lazy to head outside to grab a bite. 😋

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