Foodpanda Review: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)

Founded in South Korea, Seoul, NeNe Chicken offers a range of crispy fried chicken fast food style. Although I've never eaten at NeNe Cicken at Bedok Mall before, I had ordered takeout before previously, and it was not too bad. If you want something fast, Korean, and fried than you can consider NeNe Chicken.

Anyways,  when I saw that it was available under the Foodpanda app I decided to give it a try and here is the verdict: 4/5

Ordering Process

Foodpanda: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)
The total meal cost S$34.60, inclusive of the delivery fee of S$3

With the app, ordering was a breeze. Just add the items that you want into the basket and check out. It is even simpler (less hassle) when there is no cash involved. Credit card payment rules! 😜


Foodpanda: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)
The delivery timing was quite accurate, and the food came pipping hot (which was a bonus).
 I love the notifications that update you about the status of the food (i.e. order takesn, food being prepared, food collected and on the way etc...). The delivery guy was polite and friendly too so that also enhanced the ordering experience.

The Food

Foodpanda: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)
The food came with NeNe Chicken's own plastic bags and packaging.
Foodpanda: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)
The food unraveled from the plastic bag
Foodpanda: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)
The food even came with hand gloves to ensure that the hands aren't geasy
Foodpanda: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)
Tenders (6 pcs) with honey mustard dip, curly fries and sprite. With the honey mustard dip, it was yummy when
paired with the chicken pieces, which were still hot. The fries were a little soggy but still acceptable.
Foodpanda: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)
Swicy wings (6 pcs) with curly fries and coke. This was a little meh as the sauce coating the chicken was more sweet
 than spicy. It was supposed to be sweet AND spicy. So it was a disappointment.
Foodpanda: NeNe Chicken (Bedok Mall)
Kimchi Gimbap: not too bad and quite filling. Worth giving it a try if you want something substantial and not fried.
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