Spring Japan 2016 (Kyoto-Osaka-Tokyo) 9D/8N Itinerary

I was actually planning to go with DramaQueen to Taiwan in April, but something came up so that was postponed. And somehow, I ended up planning to go to Japan with M. So thus, the big plan to Japan was actualized!

If you want a breakdown of how much we paid for the whole trip, do read our [Japan Trip: Kyoto – Osaka - Tokyo (9 Days/8 Nights) Cost Breakdown and Overview]

We decided on a night flight and began our journey the moment we landed in Narita Airport in the morning. Here is our itinerary, what we ate and played throughout our 9 days and 8 nights in Kyoto with day trips to Osaka, and finally Tokyo. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful in planning for your very own (and possibly first) trip to Japan!

Japanese Umbrellas

If you want to plan your own trip, please check out my Japan Resources Page.

Day 1 Kyoto


Day 2 Kyoto (Arashimaya & Gion)


Day 3 Kyoto (Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden & Gion)


Day 4 Osaka (Universal Studios)


Day 5 Osaka


Day 6 Kyoto - Tokyo

  • Getting to Shibuya (Tokyo) from Kyoto Station
    • Kyoto Station > Shinagawa Station (Tokyo) > Shibuya Station
    • Kyoto Station Bento sets
  • Tokyo AirBnb Accommodation
  • Night out exploring Shibuya and Ramen for dinner


Day 7 Tokyo

    • Breakfast at Tully's Coffee
    • Shibuya Shopping/Exploring
    • Shibuya Hotel En
    • Getting to Shinjuku Station
    • Shinjuku Exploring
    • Dinner at Isetan


    Day 8 Tokyo (DisneySea)

    • Lunch at Who's Food
    • Getting to DisneySea/Disneyland from Shibuya Station
    • Getting to DisneySea
    • DisneySea


    Day 9 Tokyo - Singapore


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