Platinum Mall Food Court

If you are shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall and want to grab a bite, than the food court would be the place to be. Just like a food court in Singapore, the food court at Zone 2, level 6 of Platinum Fashion Mall has quite a few selections to choose from - yong tau foo (yes they have that too), Thai style salads, duck/char siew/pork rice, Kuay Chap, and desserts (e.g. crepes, mango sticky rice, durian sticky rice etc...). To eat at the food court, you'll need to load a prepaid card with cash. The remaining cash can be refunded at the counters after you are done with your meal, or the card can be kept and topped up for the next time you dine there.

With food prices as low as 45 baht to 75 baht or so, it is no wonder that the court stalls do not accept cash but use the card system instead. Having to find change would be a pain, especially during the peak meal hours like lunch. Of course, if the food court variety does not seem appealing to you there is fast food (e.g. KFC) and a Japanese eatery/restaurant all located at the same floor. 

Ok,  back to the food. We were at this food court for the first day and the third day of our trip. One interesting thing about the food court that each stall had a small metal container of hot water to sanitize the utensils.

Dinner for our first day consisted of quite a few foods. Below are some of the photos of the food we had:

Platinum Mall Food Court
Thai styled won ton noodles with pieces of crab: the soup was a tad too soup to my liking (I never noticed that Thai people have a preference for sweet savory foods until this trip). While the noodles, meat and vegetables were palatable, the soup was something I just could not get used too. But at least the soup's sweetness was not as sweet and unnatural as the one I had had for breakfast at the hotel's cafe.
Platinum Mall Food Court
Pork Skewers: Kinda like satay but not quite. It's like a cross between satay and Yakiton (Japanese Pork Skewers)? It wasn't too bad and the chili sauce it came with complimented it well. The only downside was that it was too oily, one stick person is enough in my opinion. If you have more than two, you really will feel the greasiness.
Platinum Mall Food Court
Durian Sticky Rice: The main attraction of the day. It was not too bad, but just the thought of the calories sends shudders down my spine. lol The durian was fresh and creamy, combined with the sticky rice and coconut sauce/cream = heaven! Turns out that DramaQueen's mama was so smitten with durian during our trip (well it was durian season after all) that she ended up buying quite a bit of durian back to the hotel to munch.
Platinum Mall Food Court
Mango Salad: there were quite a few varieties of Thai style salads, but we settled on something similar to us. While I found the salad to be refreshing and savory, they must have used fish sauce so DramaQueen found it too fishy for her (the flavor was too strong for her palate).

For the third day, DramaQueen's parents wanted to eat the durian sticky rice again. But, we ended up eating more than just the durian sticky rice. lol So much so that we almost missed the happy hour and complimentary refreshments at the Novotel Platinum Pratunam Hotel Premier Lounge. The only 'proof' that I have of our mid-day meal/snack is a video of nutella and banana crepe being made. Yum!

Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court

6th Floor (at Platinum Mall 2), 222 (Pratunum) Petchaburi Road, Ratchathevee, Bangkok, Thailand, Tel: +66 (0) 2121 8000
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm

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