The Beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Beach at Da Nang

Other than the black sand beach in Jeju, I have never really experienced the white soft sand and clear sea waters. That is… until I went to Da Nang, Vietnam. Since I was staying at the Pullman Danang Beach Resort, and the resort had access to its very own plot of beach… how could I not visit the beach (at least once)? It might have been a short 3 days, but I am glad that I find some time to visit the beach.

The Beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort
The sunset

The beach was quite a distance from Pullman Danang Beach Resort, so it made for a good evening stroll just before dinner time. When I stepped onto the sand, I was amazed at the cleanliness and softness of the sand. The sand was so fine and soft that walking bare foot as much more convenient. The gentle ocean waves could be heard from a distance. And by the time I arrived at the water, I was amazed yet again. The water was so clear that I could even see my own feet under all that water! Check out my mini video on the beach below:

The soft fine sand and clear clean waters were definitely not something you would get to see in Singapore. It was a surreal fascinating moment where nature seemed to be at its most serene.
The Beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort
The serene panorama view of the beach

According to a couple of my colleagues who went swimming in the sea, the water was so clear that they spotted fish and a couple of jellyfishes! I wish I had gone swimming, but the idea of swimming out in the open sea kind of unnerves me (guess that’s what happens when you watched too many ‘Jaws’ and ‘Piranhas’ movies as a child haha). 
The Beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort
Clear aqua blue waters and gentle waves
The Beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort
The other side of the beach

Along the shoreline where the waves met the sand, there were little holes where tiny crabs popped up once in a while (it was really fascinating!). Even if not swimming, I think seating on the beach chair under the umbrella, sipping on a drink and reading a book / listening to music while looking out into the sea and enjoying the gentle cooling beach breeze would have been an excellent r&r time.
The Beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort
A perfect spot to take in all that sun, sand and sea (breeze)

The contrast between public and private beach was huge. When I turned to my left where the public beach was, there were throngs of beach goers having fun at the beach. So much so that it looked a little chaotic when compared to the private beach where I was at. The private beach was just a plot of beach that’s cordoned off to the public and made accessible to the couple of beach resorts (e.g. Pullman, Furama etc…) that were lined along the area. It might have been due to the fact that it was near evening time, so there were no more sea sports activities (from the resorts) in action at that time of the day. But there were still quite a few people visiting the private beach. Still the number of people at the private beach could not be compared to the crowd at the public beach not too far away. Hence, the private beach gave off a sense of exclusiveness and private-ness.

The Beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort
The public beach area
The Beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort
Compare that crowd with the serenity of the private beach area
After hanging out at the beach and admiring the soft, fine white sand and gentle waves, not to mention a couple of selfies/wefies later, I went back to the resort to get ready for dinner at Madam Lan’s Restaurant that night. 
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