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Kidecals offers highly durable personalized labels and you can put them on anything including fabric - wash, wear and wash again - and the label will stick. I think it is a pretty innovative and such a novel idea too! So no guesses that when I was asked to try out Kidecals, I decided to get the luggage tags. There are so many designs to choose from, not to mention sizes and shapes (i.e. rectangular, circles and squares)... I was simply spoilt for choice!

Squares, Rectangles, Circles... Definitely something for everyone

After some browsing through the designs, I decided to get the bunny address design. The process was as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. After choosing your favorite design, just fill up the details and adjust word positioning to your liking
2. Choose the number of labels you want
3. Choose your quantity and add to cart, fill in your details and make payment

Payment can be easily made either by credit card or PayPal, and the process was straight forward and simple. The only catch was that postage was not upfront and kind of pricey. At USD$9, it was a tad too expensive to ship a couple of labels (in my opinion). It would be good if there was an option for postage that was cheaper, although it would be slower in delivery but at least it provides an option for customers who might not be so willing to pay so much for postage (especially those outside of the U.S).
Anyways after ordering, I waited for the arrival of my personalized luggage tags. In about 2-3 weeks, the tags arrived and when they arrived, I happily pasted them on my luggage(s).  

The package! Pardon the photo quality as it was taken at night :)
My tag :)

Once pasted on the luggage, the luggage tag (aka label) adhered securely to the surface of the luggage. 

Demo of how it could be pasted on your luggage
Tip: Another way to use the personalized luggage tags is to paste them onto those luggage tags that hang on the handles of the luggage: instead of having to write your name (and contact) on the slip of paper that is provided, you can just paste it instead.

With the labels in place, all that’s left to do is testing the durability. Coincidentally I was going to travel to Bangkok, so I decided to test out the durability of the luggage tag vs. the rough handling of luggage at the airport. The verdict… so far so good! The label was still in place by the end of the trip, though one trip might not be enough; it was still a relatively good indicator of the durability.

Personalized labels will never be the same again, especially for travel. Not only will you be able to identify your luggage easily since they are personalized according to your taste, it is so fun sticking the labels (and kind of distressing too 😂). Besides luggage, the labels from Kidecals can be used to be pasted on clothes, water bottles, bags, shoes and basically anything you can think of! Of course, if you would like to pretty up your keyboard and/or Mac laptop, there are the keyboard and laptop decals that you can personalize as well (something that I might get in the future as the designs are oh so pretty!)

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