Travel Thoughts: A little drama on our way to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) on Tiger Airways

Just as my last tip to Bangkok, I got there on Tiger Airways, and as far as budget goes, Tiger Airways seems to be ok with the usual budget ‘privileges’ where you have to pay for every addition from food and drinks to check-in luggage weight accordingly. The only difference this time round was that I decided to go check-in luggage-less (meaning it was cabin/carry on all the way!).

The day arrived and I made my way to Changi Airport with my luggage in tow. Since it was a noon flight, I actually took the bus and mrt to the airport! Quite a feat if you ask me. Hehe Anyways, once I arrived at the airport I met up with DramaQueen at Burger King. Check-in was a smooth process and very straight forward. The only glitch was that DramaQueen’s parents’ went ‘missing’ and it took some time to find them. 
So lesson learned – all people and passports have to be present when checking-in, once all have been verified would the tickets be issued. There was still plenty of time before the plane would take off, but the counter staff seemed to be slightly impatient and ‘scared’ us by saying that we were late and the plane would leave without us if we do not rush in asap.

The only problem was that it was actually still 45 minutes to an hour before the plane would take off. Perhaps it is the staff or perhaps it is just a budget airline thing? Because based on my traumatic experience with Jetstar (to Taiwan) previously, there seems to be a drastic “couldn’t care less just give me your passport and I’ll print out your ticket and you can go on your way, if there is anything else that happens that is not any of my problem and I hope you miss the plane” attitude. And this attitude seems to be strongest with the check-in counter staff, while the staff which greet you before your board the plane and check your ticket are more civil, which is ironic…. isn’t it? 
I mean, sure budget means a minimum of everything and paying additional for everything, but surely a little amiableness and helpfulness would not only encourage more long-term customer but also perhaps generating more sales for the airlines instead? For example, if a passenger has missed a flight, wouldn’t it make more sense for the counter staff to straight away offer valid options of the airline that the customer can purchase to get to their destination in the fastest way possible? Rather than spend extra money on an extra ticket on another airline, wouldn’t it be better if that money were spent on (their) own airlines’, but I guess the employees do not feel any sense of ownership in the airline, thus they really couldn’t be bothered.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, budget airlines are good only for short trips (any destination less than 4 hours away). Any destination longer than that and you are better off getting a flight on a full flight airline (e.g. Singapore Airline, Silkair, ANA, Korean Airlines etc…) because with promotions, the right timing, up to 30 check-in baggage weight and with food and entertainment being provided on board, the cost is not only worth it, the price might also be on par with budget airlines (when they do not have any promotions or when all the additional are being added on). For example, without promotions a return ticket on a budget airline costs and average of S$250++ and when Singapore Airlines have their promotions, it will cost an average of S$288. [The Wonders of Budget Airlines]

As long as there are no incidents (e.g. missing your flight, trying to check-in when not all in the group are present), your flight will be what it is – it brings you from destination A to destination B safely and simply; no frills.

We made it to the gate just in time (or so we thought) with about 30 minutes to spare. The drama soon ensued when DramaQueen’s carry-on luggage was going through the scanner at the gate. It turned out that she had absentmindedly brought along a BIG bottle of contact lens solution (happens when you get so used to checking in your luggage lol), so the luggage was not permitted to pass through. She had to either open the luggage and get rid of the bottle or leave her luggage at the left storage corner (for a fee of course).

Due to the harsh words of the counter staff outside when we checked-in saying that we would miss the flight, DramaQueen panicked and forgot the pin to her luggage. So opening the luggage and getting rid of the offending bottle was not an option. With only about 30 minutes before the plane was supposed to take off, the inspection staff told DramaQueen that she could leave it at the left storage corner. With not much help with the directions, DramaQueen made a sprint to the left storage corner. While she was sprinting to get her luggage settled, I went in and asked the Tirger Airways staff at the boarding area and explained to them the situation, and they very kindly assured that DramaQueen will make it in time as the plane would not take off that early (they were totally right).

According to DramaQueen, when she was asking for directions at the information counter or some other place along the way, one of the staff actually had the audacity to tell her, “The left storage corner is around that corner, just walk straight and turn left etc… I know I am supposed to bring you there but you can walk there by yourself”, and he just left her alone. So much so for service and politeness of Changi Airport, I mean, here is this poor panicked girl asking for directions and whether you can lead her to the place, and there you are verbally telling her how to get there and even mention to her that you are supposed to do so but she can still get there herself anyways. There were even a couple of other staff who were snickering at DramaQueen’s panicked state (which might have been a tad hilarious, that I'd admit... but some professionalism please people!). At least the left storage corner people were more amicable and even tried to calm a frantic DramaQueen down. 
With luggage successfully stored, DramaQueen made a dash back to the gate with about 5 minutes to spare. And soon we were boarding the plane and up in the air. After being in the air for about 3 hours, we landed on time into Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Before heading to our airport. DramaQueen purchased a DTAC Happy Tourist Prepaid SIM Card to contact the local tour for Day 2 of our trip.

Travel Thoughts: A little drama on our way to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) on Tiger Airways
Off we go!
Travel Thoughts: A little drama on our way to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) on Tiger Airways
Almost there
There are 2 airports in Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport, the city's main international airport and Don Mueang International Airport, the 'old' Bangkok international airport. Tiger Airways lands and departs from Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is currently the main hub for Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways and Orient Thai Airlines. It also serves as regional gateway and connecting point for various foreign carriers and is located about 25 kilometers from the city, Bangkok.
Suvarnabhumi Airport
At Suvarnabhumi Airport though immigration to luggage collection

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