The Learning Journey: Advanced Korean here we come!

If you are wondering what ever happen to my learning Korean language journey, fret not. I am still taking up Korean, just that I am getting a tad lazy when it comes to studying. Lol But miraculously I am actually continuing, yet continuing learning the language. The textbook that we are using now can be an upgrade from the previous textbooks: there is more Korean and less English in the textbook, which makes it more challenging. Since it is a university textbook, the format and structure is entirely different from the previous textbook.

Our upgraded Yonsei Korean Textbook and Workbook
Our upgraded Yonsei Korean Textbook and Workbook
Where are the English explanations? (they are at the back of each unit)

We are now at the advanced level of the Korean language level and needless to say it is very challenging: more effort is needed to remember and learn the vocabulary (something which I have been slacking off lately). The Korean language is a pretty intricate language that has all sorts of tenses (e.g. past tense, present tense etc…) as well as honorific and casual forms of speech. Even for indirect speech and report writing, there are different rules for them! Oh the difficulty! (>.<)

As we go up in level, the numbers of classmates (the ones that we know and studied with together) seem to be decreasing. Take this level for instance, PP dropped out because she found it too stressful as we go more into our learning journey. Another factor would be the fees, for this advanced level it cost us about S$384 (and that is the discounted price because we took lessons with them since day 1), inclusive of the textbook and workbook, at Daehan Korean Language School. If you have the determination and discipline than studying on your own s the other viable option, but for people not as disciplined as me... I prefer to be in an environment where there is direct contact with the Korean language and with people who have similar interests (it also helps keep you motivated when a bunch of people study together). It may cost but at least it is worth it… to me at least.

Besides the courses, Daehan Korean Language School also has many other activities in which you can interact with the Korean language and culture. Every year there is a Korean festival that is organized by the school to allow attendees to experience Korean culture, K-pop and Korean Dances, Korean game and plays, food. So far I’ve been to the festival twice and the experience has been positive and interesting. 

In addition, Daehan Korean Language School has an exchange program that allows students to go over to a Korean University (I think it's Ewha) in South Korea for a duration to study and stay in the dormitories etc… The opportunity is really tempting and we (a couple of classmates and myself) have been tempted but unfortunately the timing and our budget made the coordination impossible. O well, time for me to hit the books and study some Korean now.

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