Staycation: The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room

It’s been a while since my last staycation and thanks to (I won a contest for) a nights’ stay at this English-themed influenced hotel. (─‿‿─) The overall experience has been good and winning contests are fun!

Communication (to confirm an available date and the procedure) with the hotel staff manning the email, was straight forward. Once the date had been confirmed, it wasn’t communicated that the letter of confirmation would be sent a week prior to check-in date; it was information that had to be requested not and even then we had to wait because the time for the letter had not come yet (it was about 3 weeks before the check-in date). It was an efficient Santos who replied promptly and provided the letter of confirmation instantly when requested (when the original point-of-contact was on leave). Another special mention would be to Nathan (at the reception). Upon finding out this it was a first stay at The Elizabeth Hotel, he instantly upgraded from a Superior Room to a Premier Room. Now considering that the stay was complimentary (through a contest), the upgrade was a  pleasant surprise. Service was not compromised: 
  • the bellboys were very helpful with the (minute) luggage and took the initiative to ask if a taxi was needed upon checkout
  • reception was approachable and helpful

While The Elizabeth Hotel has undergone room refurbishment (in 2011 for 100 rooms located on the 5th to 8th floor and the remaining 156 rooms are slated for the later part of 2014), its remaining previous worn décor (e.g. carpets along the corridors) does remind me of my stay at The Equatorial Melaka. The only difference is that at The Elizabeth Hotel, the upkeep of the rooms was better (unseen dust), and the chairs/sofas in the lobby were comfortable and (pretty) new; the the chair in the room was of the non-itchy variety.

The Elizabeth Hotel

The stay came with complimentary wifii and breakfast at Modestos for two (buffet style). The room was on the 7th floor and exuded an old charm along the corridoor.

The Elizabeth Hotel
The old 'world' charmed lift lobby on the 7th floor

But once we entered the room, it was a different 'world' with a comfortable bed in a clean room that was decorated simply with clean lines and warm tones of white and brown. It was a compact but comfortable room with space to even place an extra bed!

The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
The comfortable bed underneath the marshmallowy duvet and pillows
The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
The extra bed which we paid for an extra sum. It took quite a while for the bed to arrive but it was clean and comfortable.
The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
The bedside table with lamp, phone and TV remote control.
The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
The TV a study table and power plugs located below the mirror; there are international sockets and LAN ports for your laptop.
The Elizabeth Hotel
Those with sensitive nose rejoice! In place of carpeting, it is all flooring - which does minimize the movement and collection of dust.
The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
The wardrobe equipped with hangers, an iron and iron board, laundry bags, slippers and...
The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
... a safe ^^
The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
The view from the other side of the bed. Yes, you are not seeing wrongly, the shower area / toilet has a glass panel! But not to worry as there are shades that can be pulled down with some silhouette peeking through occasionally. So you might to stay with friends/family that you are comfortable with.
The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
The toilet and shower area separated by - yes, you guess it - another (slightly frosted) glass panel. There are the usual toiletries: cotton (wool /swabs), shampoo, lotion, shower gel, razors, toothpaste and toothbrush etc...
The Elizabeth Hotel Premier Room
The shower area - the water pressure was good.

The Elizabeth Hotel
Breakfast was a simple affair. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't stellar as there was limited choices. Still it's good enough to fill you up.

Overall an acceptably pleasant staycation experience.
  1. Service              
  2. Value                 
  3. Sleep Quality       
  4. Cleanliness       
  5. Location            
  6. Rooms              
Overall Experience:

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