The Learning Journey: It’s all about having the right attitude

It’s been almost a year (or has it been longer?) since I started learning Korean and the experience has been both enriching and interesting. While I can’t say that I have been (very) diligent with revision lately, I can gladly say that at least I am not lost …yet (haha). So the level test came and went by and I managed to pass. It wasn’t as stellar at the rest of the classmates, but that’s what you get for just using a day to study before the test (lol).

Learning another language is a fascinating experience, more so when you have an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher, and fun-loving people as classmates. 

There is a fine line between being spurred and inspired to do your best, or ending up being jealous. More importantly, in life, it is often not the number of times you win that is important or something to be proud of, but rather what have you gained from the experience (and know how to use that knowledge) that makes you a true winner in life. And besides, be it studying for school or studying for fun, it's best to just do your best and enjoy the process of learning. 

Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses, but that shouldn’t be a factor to limit a person’s capabilities. One should not be comparing with others as it is a bottomless pit - there will always be someone better than you, be it looks, qualifications or results etc... Life is more than just coming tops over others, it’s actually learning (the right things) and growing (in character) so that your weaknesses can be improved and your strengths strengthened. Simply relying on your strengths while ignoring your weaknesses, and/or even simply choosing to forget about the ‘bad’ things that happen without learning the positives out of it would only make you prone to becoming stagnant. There’s more life than just status and qualifications. But I digress.

That said, while it is not impossible to be positive and upbeat all the time, it is a possible to make it a lifestyle and a choice - to go forward while focusing on the good things not emphasize all the negative, but rather use them as a benchmark to improve with sincerity. Now all I need is the disciple to (self)study and do my homework - a positive attitude to be happy learning! 파이팅! ㅋㅋㅋ
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