Day Out at Universal Studios Sentosa (Singapore)

The last time we were at Universal Studios Sentosa was 3 years ago! So this was definitely a refresher: having sat on most of the rides previously, this outing was more leisurely as we watched more shows, sat on new rides and even managed to take a few more photos with the adorable character mascots that could be found throughout the place.

Universal Studios Sentosa
Want to take a photo with an alien in Sci-fi City...
Universal Studios Sentosa
or a sexy Marilyn Monroe look-a-like? ^^

The only disappointment was that the 2 roller coaster rides, Battlestar Galactica: Human & Cylon, were not in operation (they have been in maintenance mode for quite some time). It turned out that the Battlestar Galactica: Human & Cylon will be permanently closed, with a new ride slated to be launched at the end of this year (2014). Whether it be due to the ride not being recognized as it should (i.e. known more commonly as the red and blue rides/track) or a safely issue, whichever it is a new safer ride is always better (and besides we sat on it to our hearts content the last time we were there so no love lost there).

 Universal Studios Sentosa
After all the fun and games, time for a little recharge at Far Far Away

This post is solely going to be about how much fun we had that day moving ‘haphazardly’ between the zones (back and forth) to catch the rides that we wanted and timing it in such a way that we could catch the shows (and parade) that we wanted to at the same time (lol). I think Universal Studios Sentosa would probably be one of the most condensed theme parks in the world, where all the zones are within walking distance, so much so that not much planning is needed.

Of course, if you wanted to do it systematically, you could. But it also offers the option of just doing the things/rides you want, all within a relatively short distance. The only thing that takes up the most time would be the waiting times for the rides! [Click here for an overview guide of Universal Studios Sentosa (Singapore)]

Besides Monster Rock!, we also managed to catch a performance by The Daddy O's at Hollywood. Their performance was stellar and engaging - thoroughly enjoyed their performance!

After the performance by The Daddy O's, we made our way to the Sci-fi City just in time for the parade! So thankful that we manged to catch the parade this time round and it was entertaining! LuttiSparrow chose a great spot to watch the parade, which parade consists of all sections of the theme park starting first with Hollywood, New York, Madagascar, Far Far Away and ending off with Lost World and Ancient Egypt. The costumes were fantastic and the people in them were very interactive with the audience: from gleaming monsters to smiling fairies, adorable Madagascar human meerkat to scary dinosaurs and the undead of Ancient Egypt.

After the parade, we even managed to catch a performance by Mel's Dinettes. There was a cute little girl dancing along to them as a bonus. She was adorable and could mimic the dance moves move for move! ^^

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