Fine Dining at ABU Restaurant for Dinner (Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort)

After a fruitful day exploring Wulai Old Street (烏來老街), it was time to have dinner at Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort's in-house French Restaurant - ABU Restaurant. Being a hotel guest, we had the choice to choose a dining time from between 7-9pm. 

Fine Dining at ABU Restaurant for Dinner
The view at the night

When evening came, we made our way down to the restaurant and were treated to a lovely night view of the running river with the lights that illuminated the waters. We were warming greeted by the courteous wait staff and led to a window table. It seemed to be a quiet night was only 2 other tables being occupied. With its high ceilings, stone walls and the resturant's warm (and slightly dimmed) lighting made for a cosy atmosphere.

Fine Dining at ABU Restaurant for Dinner

The menu for dinner was for a 8-course meal with some options for the starter and main course:
  1. Starter: Warm Abalone Zucchini Salad or Duck Liver with Grapes, Ginger
  2. Wild Mushroom Truffle Egg
  3. Chicken Broth, Quesadilla, Smoked Duck Breast, Papaya or Wonli Crab & Lobster Bisque
  4. Moi Fish with Scallop Sauce
  5. Organic Sorbet
  6. Main: Steamed Truffled Beef Tenderloin, Anchovie Garlic Sauce or Pan-Roasted Spring Chicken, Lemon Butter Sauce or King Prawn with Garlic Herb Butter Sauce
  7.  Pre-dessert du Chef
  8. Main Dessert du Chef
  9. Chinese Tea

So without further ado, I present you the meal that was eaten that day:
Fine Dining at ABU Restaurant for Dinner (Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort)
Bread: Some bread to occupy the rumbling stomach with accompanying sauces and butter. The breads were served warm and were soft and moist as as if they were freshly baked.
Fine Dining at ABU Restaurant for Dinner (Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort)
Warm Abalone Zucchini Salad: The succulent abalone was tender and fresh, and the accompanying customized vinegar lemon sauce enhanced the flavor, giving it a refreshing taste. 
What is a celebration without a little champagne?
Wild Mushroom Truffle Egg
Wild Mushroom Truffle Egg: This was quite a light and subtle dish. The  mushrooms were seared with little seasoning but blended well with the egg and brought out the taste of the truffle.
Wonli Crab & Lobster Bisque
Wonli Crab & Lobster Bisque: DramaQueen's choice. The bisque was smooth and creamy, and full of  crustacean goodness.
Chicken Broth, Quesadilla, Smoked Duck Breast, Papaya
Chicken Broth, Quesadilla, Smoked Duck Breast, Papaya: The  chicken broth was rich in flavor and a delight to drink, while the quesadilla tasted a bit similar to pizza, and the papaya a refreshing flavor to the overall dish.
Moi Fish with Scallop Sauce
Moi Fish with Scallop Sauce: I am not really a fan of fish (unless its salmon or cod), so while this dish was not that spectacular (I found the meat to be a little dry, but that's what the scallop sauce is there for I guess), the fish was fresh and the scallop sauce was good. This might be a hit with the fish lovers
Organic Sorbet
Organic Sorbet: Some tangy sorbet to cleanse the taste-buds before the arrival of the main course. The sorbet was a little too frozen, but it did it's job of cleansing the palate of the previous lingering flavors. 
Pan-Roasted Spring Chicken, Lemon Butter Sauce
Pan-Roasted Spring Chicken, Lemon Butter Sauce: The chicken was moist and juicy (and according to DramaQueen, done to perfection). The lemon butter sauce gave the chicken a delightful buttery tangy flavor.
Steamed Truffled Beef Tenderloin
Steamed Truffled Beef Tenderloin: Just like its chicken counterpart, the beef was moist and tender; a delight if you love steak
Pre-dessert du Chef
Thanks to DramaQueen, there was birthday souffle compliments from the resort (well, they just substituted the Pre-dessert du Chef for cake, but the gesture was well appreciated). ^^
Main Dessert du Chef
Main Dessert du Chef: Well, since this was served after, I am assuming that it is the Main Dessert du Chef. It wasn't overly sweet and was a delight to eat.
Chinese Tea
Chinese Tea: Finally! After all that food (and about 3 hours later), some Chinese tea to wash down all the yummy food and aid digestion.

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