5th Stop: Kazokutei (Bugis Junction)

With our tummies filled with western food from Everything with Fries and Platypus Restaurant, Chinese from Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant and Thai food from Siam Kitchen, it was time to move on to one of my favorites… Japanese Food! So we found ourselves at Kazokutei, established since 1947 and one of Osaka’s most well known brands of udon restaurant. The udon from Kazokutei comes from both eastern and western Japan, with 2 different types of soup bases. From eastern Japan is Kokudashi Udon with a stronger flavor soup made with katsuo bushi (dried bonito), and from the west is Shira Dashi Udon which generally has a sweeter taste to it as konbu (sea tangle) is used.

If you are wondering what this food trail is about, it is a food trail organized by omy.sg and food establishments in Bugis Junction, which explores food establishments located in Bugis Junction. If you want to know all the establishments that were visited, please click here.

Thankfully, given our almost filled stomachs, we were served sampling portions (which really helps!) of handmade udon and soba, along with sushi and tamago (sweet egg) on the side.

Kazokutei (Bugis Junction)
Well, looking at the display before entering did help ignite that fluttering fluctuating appetite.
Kazokutei (Bugis Junction)

Zaru Soba

Zaru Soba
Zaru Soba - sampling portion

The Zaru Soba was served chilled and a welcome reprieve from all the (warm) food eaten thus far. The texture was not as chewy as the udon, but just as nice with a tinge of good bite to it It was neither soggy nor lumpy and good to have to chill down on a hot day.

Zaru Udon

Zaru Udon
Zaru Udon - sampling portion
Just like its soba counterpart, the udon was served chilled, and had a wonderful chewy and smooth texture to it. I particularly enjoyed the udon, which given its nice chewy and smooth texture is different from the usual udon.

Next would be the suhshi and tamago. The tamago was well done, not dry but moist and fluffy with a nice tinge of sweetness. The salmon and scallop used for the sushi was fresh (love love love!). The uniqueness fo the sushi was that it was in a circular shape rather than the usual rectangular form, which made it bite-sized easy to eat.

Kazokutei (Bugis Junction)
sampling portion

Kazokutei recommends their:
  • Mix Zaru and Mix Tempura set ($12.90)


  • Shokado Wazen set ($16.90)

Of course, there are other items that are not noodle based or sushi. Definitely worth the visit!

Kazokutei (Bugis Junction)

200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6338 0187
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