1st Stop: Everything with Fries (Bugis Junction)

Started by the owners of Awfully Chocolate, Everything with Fries basically serves western food with, you guessed it (if you havent already)… all main dishes are accompanied by fries of all sizes (both thick and thin), along with interesting seasonings for the fries (think garlic, curry, sour cream and onion, truffles etc…). Everything with Fries is located at level 4 of Bugis Junction, right opposite the cinema - perfect for those who want to grab something before or after a movie.

If you are wondering what this food trail is about, it is a food trail organized by omy.sg and food establishments in Bugis Junction, which explores food establishments located in Bugis Junction. If you want to know all the establishments that were visited, please click here.

Back to Everything with Fries. Firstly, first impressions - this place has an open concept with a modern minimalist décor (I like!). The décor is a cross between a restaurant and café, and it manages to find the right balance to create that happy dining experience (well, at least I think so).  The only issue was the seats located near the windows; perhaps there should be some blinds or curtains to block out the sun. It was a very hot morning and unfortunately I was seated at the window where the sun was warmly greeting me. Than again, probably the timing might have been too early for regular customers to start streaming in. But I still think that something to block out the sun just in case it gets too warm would be a good idea.
Everything with Fries (Bugis Junction)
It was a hot morning. Look at all that sun!

Ok on to the food. Be prepared to be "hungrified" (well, at least I think you would be?)!

The One Egg Soup*

The One Egg Soup at Everything with Fries
The One Egg Soup specially made from one egg @S$6.90
Don't underestimate this somewhat plain looking soup. It actually tastes really delicious. The soup on its own tastes a little bland, but essentially it is a cream soup. When combined with the egg, the combination of soup and egg is simply eggilicious! If you like your egg yolks or eggs in general, you would definitely like this dish! I don't like egg (yolks) that much, but I really like this soup! I find that the portion for the soup is quite substantial and just the right (satisfying) quantity, not so much that you would get "tired" of the taste nor too little. It's a good starter to your meal too.

Recommended: For those who love soups and/or their eggs. Especially nice to have on a cold rainy day!
Not Recommended: For those who do not like eggs (it is a very eggy soup, hence its name~) and/or those who prefer more stronger prominent flavors.

Skinny Wing*

Crispy Asian Style Skinny Wings @ $6.90
Crispy Asian Style Skinny Wings @ $6.90
Like it's name suggests the Skinny Wings are really, well, skinny compared to your regular wings but nonetheless nice. Why is it skinny? Well, apparently the wing part is separated into two parts before frying. Hence, the name "skinny". Overall I found it to be pretty nice and it wasn't (that) oily, which is a good thing. Now if only eating it makes you skinny, that would be great. ^^

Recommended: For those who their love chicken and/or just want to have an interesting side to their meal.
Not Recommended: Well, I can't think of anyone except if you totally do not like eating chicken at all. :p

Char-Grilled Char Siew

Char-Grilled Char Siew at Everything with Fries
Char-Grilled Char Siew: Handrolled pork belly roulade, char-grilled with garlic sauce @ S$15.90
This dish was accompanied with fries that were sour cream and onion flavored (which I totally loved). Since I am not really into pork, let alone one that has that much of "fatty" goodness (can you see the nice layer of fat?), I actually preferred the fries (which were either garlic and herbs or sour cream and onion) more. Unlike the usual red color and sweet flavor that is associated with char siew, I found the meat (and accompanied fats) on its own (without the sauce) to be tender but a little too bland for my preferences. However, despite not being a fan of this dish, I have to say that the garlic sauce really complimented the meat and made it more tasty.

Recommended: For those who simply love their pork and don't mind (even love the fats)!
Not Recommended: For those on a diet. :p

Wild NZ King Salmon*

Wild NZ King Salmon
Wild NZ King Salmon with crispy crumbs with that melt-in-the mouth salmon @ S18.90
This dish would have to be my favorite out of them all. The salmon was tender, fresh and it really melts in the mouth! The accompanying sauce not only complimented the already flavorful salmon, but its also enhanced its flavor. The fries that accompanied this dish was of the thinner variety, which has a nice crunch to it compared to the thicker fries. I can't remember (it was a frenzy between taking photos, more food arriving on the table and remember to try the food) whether the fries were garlic and herbs or curry. Regardless, they were delish and made the salmon dish even more complete!

Recommended: For anyone who loves salmon!
Not Recommended: Unless you hate fish, why would you not want to eat this?

Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken sandwich with caesar salad and original shoestring fries ($11.90)
Tandoori chicken sandwich with caesar salad and original shoestring fries ($11.90)
The serving for this dish may seem small, but it should be enough for one person and is quite filling. Being Tandoori chicken, this dish is obviously Indian influenced and suits those who can handle their spiciness. Even though it is a sandwhich dish, it makes for a good (substantial) light lunch. The bread was not too thin or thick, and was nicely toasted. The chicken was very tandoori and the sauce accompanying it made it all the more sweeter. I particulary liked the seasoning of the fries that came with this, which should be salt and vinegar (nice and sour, yet not too salty).

Recommended: For those looking for something light, want something Indian influenced and/or are adventurous.
Not Recommended: Those who can't handle their spiciness at all.

Grilled Pork Chop

Grilled Pork Chop with Coleslaw and Original Shoestring Fries
Grilled Pork Chop @ S$13.90
The serving for this dish is adequate and the grilled pork chop (to me) tastes like your regular pork chop with miso sauce. It's nice and all, but I wasn't wowed by it. The meat was moist and not hard nor was it dry, and the miso sauce did give it a bit of an Asian twist. Still, I did like the fries' seasoning (which I think was original) though. In fact I think I like all the seasoning for the fries. Just thinking about the fries is making me hungry (again). There goes the diet plan...

Recommended: For those who love their pork chops! ^^
Not Recommended: For those who are expecting to be wowed.

Char-Grilled Beef Karubi

Char-Grilled Beef Karubi
Char-Grilled Beef Karubi - boneless U.S prime beef shortrib braised till tender then chargrilled served with truffle oil fries @S$21.90
This dish is for the beef lovers! The beef was tender and juicy but it was a little too bland for me, but the black pepper sauce made up for it. It would have been better if the black pepper sauce had a more peppery flavor to it (or maybe an option of how much pepper you want?). The truffle fries were a nice touch, the oil giving a tinge of truffle flavor. The truffleness of the fries is very subtle, perfect for those who are not accustomed the the strong taste of truffles.

Recommended: For those who love their beef and want to try truffle flavored fries! ^^
Not Recommended: Those who don't eat beef.

Steak Tulang

Steak Tulang
Steak Tulang (at least that's what I think its called)

This dish came with a big slab of juicy char grilled steak, which was nice and juicy. The steak was slightly charred on the outside (being char-grilled and all), immersed with that nice smokey barbecue flavor giving it an aromatic scent. The mushrooms that accompanied the steak were mushroomlicious! Almost all of us "attacked" the mushrooms before trying the steak.

Having said that, what I really wasn't a fan of was the bone marrow. Now, I've never eaten bone marrow before (the name itself doesn't exactly evoke my appetite) and this being the first time trying it, I am not sure it usually tastes like. But what I do know was eating bone marrow (at least this one) was a cross between warm soft jelly and fats (a tad too oily/greasy for me). Fortunately the fries and the steak made it a good experience. 

Recommended: For those who love their beef and bone marrow.
Not Recommended: Those who don't fancy or dare try bone marrow. If you want steak, the Char-Grilled Beef Karubi would be a good choice.

Overall, Everything with Fries offers a straightforward menu, with plenty of fries and makes a good place for friends or family to gather in a comfortable casual environment. The prices are reasonable given that it is located in Bugis. Although we did not get to try the desserts, Everything with Fries is apparently famous for its Nutella Tart and Vanilla Crepe - which we saw pass by us and all of the bloggers (myself included) who saw it were practically drooling (haha).

*Indicates that they are my favorites!

Everything With Fries (Bugis Junction)

200 Victoria Street
#04-05 Bugis Junction
Tel: 6338 0135
Opening Hours: Sun to Thur 11am - 10pm
Fri, Sat, PH Eve 12pm - 1030pm
Website | Facebook 

*Opinions in this post are completely my own, based on my experience & thoughts.*

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