Bugis Junction Food Trail with OMY.SG

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to go on a food trial trail with a wonderful group of omy.sg bloggers. We ate our way through 10 food establishments located within Bugis Junction from 11 in the morning all the way till evening! Unfortunately I had to leave earlier so I missed out on the last the 3 stops, but it was still a good experience nonetheless.

Having gone through 7 places, I have come to truly understand the meaning of a food “concussion”, by the 3rd top or so most of us were already stoning out. We covered many types of cuisines ranging from Western, Chinese, Thai and Japanese – it was a very foodful weekend!

Do note that everything in this post and the following posts are completely my own, based on my experience and thoughts.

Ok, with that out of the way, here is the list of places were ate our way though. If you want to know more about the place and see the yummilicious photos just click on the links and you will be brought to the respective restaurants with yummy food photos. Ready to be “hungrified”?

1. Everything with Fries

Started by the owners of Awfully Chocolate, Everything with Fries basically serves western food with, you guessed it… all main dishes are accompanied by fries of all sizes (both thick and thin), along with interesting seasonings for the fries (think garlic, curry, sour cream and onion, truffles etc…).

2. Platypus Kitchen

Platypus Kitchen is a casual Mediterranean/Italian style bistro specializing in handmade pastas, gourmet risottos and other main dishes.

3. Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

Nanxiang Steam Bun Restaurant, which specializes in Shanghainese (Chinese) cuisine (think xiao long baos – all 8 of them! – as well as other Shanghainese specialties) was next on the food trail.

4. Siam Kitchen

Siam Kitchen, which serves Thai food, has a seating capacity of 80 persons and is halal certified

5. Kaokutei 

Kazokutei was established since 1947 and is one of Osaka’s most well known brands of udon restaurant. The udon from Kazokutei comes from both eastern and western Japan, with 2 different types of soup bases. From eastern Japan is Kokudashi Udon with a stronger flavor soup made with katsuo bushi (dried bonito), and from the west is Shira Dashi Udon which generally has a sweeter taste to it as konbu (sea tangle) is used.

6. nydc

nydc started in 1995 with the flagship outlet in Holland Village. Its American founders created nydc to be a place where people could connect, share their joy, let their hair down, enjoy great food, good friends. Today, nydc is known for its authentic entrees and iconic mudpies and cheesecakes.

7. Fish & Co.

The uniqueness of Fish & Co is that it serves all its (sea)food Mediterranean style - in a pan. Fish & Co. serves up everything that lives in the sea.

[Missed Stops]

Although I missed these stops, you can read more about the other bloggers experience. Links are provided for your (and mine) convenience.

8. Honguo (红锅)

9. Yummi Bites

10. (final): MaggieMoo’s

For a little more food temptations:

*Opinions in this post are completely my own, based on my experience & thoughts.*

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  1. Interesting.. You must be very full on that day.. Haha.. :)