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Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
Our room was on the 5th floor


Checking in /out

As we had arrived in the evening (around 8pm) there were not many people at the reception checking-in. So the process was a simple and straightforward process: show reservation, give passports, confirm booking, provide credit card for the room deposit, collect back passports and credit card, and than you are handled keys to your room; there are 2 cards and you don't need to leave in your card in the room slot for the air-conditioning and electricity to keep running. πŸ˜€

We were checked-in by Taro and he is a Malaysian who has worked in Hong Kong for a couple of years. It was an interesting experience as he told us his experiences (e.g. how he has lost his Hong Kong entry slip on multiple occasions, so it's fine if you lose it, immigration has a record of your entry anyways) and was quite eager to recommend places to go. So kudos to Taro, who made our holiday to a welcoming start.

Check-out was a painless affair as well,  we had asked for a late check out the night before and were given a 1pm check-out time instead of the usual 12pm timing. The late check-out time came in handy as we did some last minute shopping in the morning and had to repack our luggage. πŸ˜…

Dorsett Mongkokg Hong Kong
Concierge corner: on our last day when we opted to take transport to the airport arranged for us by the concierge for just HK$270, and it was a 7-seater just for the 4 of us! πŸ˜†
Tip: Ask the concierge for what is the rate for transport to the airport from the hotel, it might just be cheaper than taking the Airport Coach (HK$140 per person / trip), more convenient than taking the Airport Express (less walking and lugging that heavy luggage), and definitely more comfortable than taking a taxi. πŸ˜‰

The Room

When they say that the rooms are small in Hong Kong... it really is! You really do pay premium for space, and since our rate was for the cheapest room and it was on promotion... we can't really complain. And the view, if you are looking for a nice city view, than you would be disappointed as some rooms might be facing the opposite of a nice view (e.g. our room faced the back of some building which really that pretty a sight, but that's what the curtains are for)! πŸ˜‚

However, out of all the hotels that I have stayed at thus far, our Comfort Room was really quite a tight squeeze (much smaller than I had expected). Still, it wasn't that bad, I guess. At least we still could move within the 18sqm2 of space, and open with our 24" luggage. Anything luggage bigger than that and you might have a bit of a challenge with the placement and maneuvering.

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
My luggage at an odd angle of the room, right next to the window with a narrow ledge which you can't sit on.
Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
The narrow gap between the beds where they managed to fit a side table with the TV remote and room phone.

Lighting in the room was good enough with a simple control panel, and the room while small, was still cozy and clean (the air-conditioning vents were not dusty); to get from the bed to the bathroom and out the door only took a few steps literally. 

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
The fridge/minibar is located just outside the washroom, right next to the entrance of the room.

Basic amenities such as bottles of water was provided daily; there were 2. There was also  a water kettle, tea, instant coffee packs, and mugs besides the small mini fridge. Bedroom slippers were also provided every day.

As for the beds, there was only 1 pillow each the single twin beds. The pillow was too flat for C, so she called housekeeping to get an extra pillow. It was after close to midnight and about 30 minutes or so her extra pillow was delivered with a bit of a musky smell, which she tolerated for the night since it was already so late, and asked for a change the next day which the hotel rectified immediately.

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
The single twin beds; no way 2 super single beds will be able to fit in the room.

While the beds were comfortable, the bed frame which was supposed to support the bed was  really wobbly. When asleep, I could literally feel the base of the bed (frame) sway and reverberate along with my each turn, which made for not much of a sleep quality. The bed mattress itself was pretty firm and just nice after a day out exploring, that bed frame though...

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
The flat-screen TV opposite the beds with a narrow table alongside the wall, along with a small glass wardrobe.
Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
The handy 'free' mobile phone

Some of the perks of staying at Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong is that it has a free shuttle service to the main attractions within the area (e.g. Langham Place, Ladies Street, Temple Street etc...), and a mobile phone which can double up as a hotspot and make local as well as international calls to China, US, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Australia, UK and Thailand; all included in the rate. And if you were wondering about WiFi, there is complimentary in-room WiFi provided as well. The only downside is that you would have to log back in each time you are in the room or back to the hotel. Other than that the connection for both the hotel WiFi and the mobile phone were stable and strong.
Save: Instead of getting a local Hong Kong SIM Card, or a WiFi router, if you book at Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong you get to use their complimentary mobile phone which does the job for you for less. πŸ˜†

The Bathroom

While most of the empty paces around the room made use of the empty spaces for an item or furniture, some of its configuration was a bit off: the toilet roll dispenser is located in a rather inconvenient area where you have to turn back and do a little stretching to get your paper.

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
The little corner for you to do your 'business'

For the bathroom, the usual amenities like toothbrush and toothpaste, cotton pads, shower caps, sanitary bags and were provided in a little box behind the toilet flush. While the water bottles were replenished on a daily basis, the toiletries were not consistent, particularly for the shower gel which we had run out of on the third day. I had to throw away the empty shower gels before they would replenish, and housekeeping actually replenished the shampoo (which we did not use) twice, giving us an additional bottle of shampoo when we needed the shower gel instead. But still, kudos to the housekeeping team who managed to clean the bathroom till it almost sparkled... almost...

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong: Comfort Room Review
The frosted glass sliding doors and the sink area, along with the shower area

The sliding door, at least the one in our room could not fully close, so there was a narrow gap each time the door was closed. So if you are traveling with someone other than family or close friends, you might find yourself in quite an awkward position as the bathroom is only surrounded by frosted glass and the sliding door has no lock. Oh and did I mention it was frosted translucent glass?

The blue aquamarine tiles on the floor
The rain shower and the shower head at the corner

Water pressure was good, but to get the water to the right temperature took a couple of minutes. Once you close the shower curtains, there really isn't much space to maneuver, so those who of a larger build it might be good to take note. It was quite a challenge getting changed in the tiny bathroom. The only options were to change with the bathroom door open to give you that extra space, or change when you are out of the room. Overall, the bathroom and the provided towels were clean and satisfactory. 

  • Good and accessible location to shopping and food
  • Bright room lighting
  • Clean room
  • Comprehensive guide book to the must-eat spots and shop spots nearby. Perfect for those who want to explore on the go.
  • Free shuttle service to and from popular local destinations (i.e. Kowloon MTR Station and Tsim Sha Tsui): The very popular shuttle service which is always full every morning! So come down at least 20 minutes earlier. [Shuttle Bus Schedule]
  • Free mobile phone to make international and local calls, and use as a hotspot / Wi-Fi router
  • Good concierge 
  • Location: although not in the tourist hotspots of Hong Kong, it gave a local's perspective and it was quite easy to get around with both the hotel's complimentary shuttle service and the MTR Station at Langham Place.
  • Small room and even smaller bathroom (but there's no helping it, it is Hong Kong after all)
  • Having to re-connect manually to the hotel WiFi each time we came back to the hotel
  • Polite and curt service, rarely any smiles to make guests feel welcome
  • No consistency in replenishing of toiletries, especially the shower gel
  • Minor wear and tear

Conclusion: Given the location and the rate we managed to get the room for, it was a steal! 😊 Of course, in addition to getting a good deal, you would have to be able to tolerate the small room and tight size, and the possibility of a wobbly bed frame. While somewhat curt and not so smiley, the service rendered was still commendable: staff spoke English, were polite and assisted where needed, and efficient  (i.e. prompt and efficient check-in and check-out, and readiness arrange transport to the airport in the afternoon). πŸ‘

  1. Service              
  2. Value                 
  3. Sleep Quality       
  4. Cleanliness       
  5. Location            
  6. Rooms              
Overall Experience: 

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