JPot - Hotpot Singapore Style (Tampines 1)

When you think steamboat, usually the image of a buffet style spread with many options of food in a noisy setting and many people sharing a big pot to cook the food conjures up in your head.  Well, JPot offers a unique steamboat experience: JPot’s steamboat is portioned for 1 person so you have the whole pot to yourself and eat the food you put in, you get to choose from a variety of broths from mild to spicy (e.g. Superior JPot Broth, Tom Yum, Silky Porridge etc…).

There is another interesting aspect to JPot, you can mix and match the available condiments (e.g. chilli oil, garlic oil, peanut sauce, chopped fresh/fried garlic, vinegar, soya sauce etc…) to create your own flavor of sauce to eat with the food. According to its website, JPot was conceived in 2009 to honor the tradition of hotpot dining here with seven, exquisite Singapore-style hotpot soup bases.

High-tech table with electric stove
JPot Menu

When a new outlet opened at Tampines 1, I decided to try it out over the weekend. If you are ever there, do go for the set menus and not the ala carte as the portions are small, not that filling and quite pricy, but the soup bases are nice. I decided to give it another try as JPot was having a High Tea Special Promotion, which consists of choice of soup, live prawn, marinated chicken, crab stick, cheese hot dog, luncheon meat, fish paste toufu, noodles and enoki mushrooms and leafy vegetables (for S$9.80++).


Between my mum and myself, we had the classic JPot Superior Broth and Tom Yum soup. The JPot Superior Broth was naturally sweet and tasty and went well with the food.

JPot Soup
JPot Superior and Tom Yum Broth
JPot High Tea
The prawns were very fresh
JPot High Tea
Portion for two
JPot High Tea
Noodles, mushroom and vegetables
The cool thing about the Tampines 1 outlet is that it incorporates technology: you can or rather are encouraged to use the iPad at the side of your table to order your items. Although the idea is novel and nice, I felt that the orientation of the menu should have been vertical instead of horizontal - it is a little hard to order when the orientation is fixed at such an awkward angle, you have to turn (more than necessary) at an angle while sitting to use the menu. Payment is made at the counter after you have called for the bill.

JPot Ipad Menu
iPad Menu - Fast and efficient

To end off, we had a Snow Ice-Mango (S$5,80), which was yummy and quite big a portion! It was not too sweet or artificial at all, the ice was really like snow and melts in the mouth. Nice on a hot and humid day.
Snow Ice-Mango
Snow Ice-Mango - simply delicious!


10 Tampines Central 1
Tampines 1 #03-16
Singapore 529536

Tampines 1: (65) 6532 3536


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