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Beitou Museum 北投文物館

After the relaxing hot springs and scrumptious lunch, we visited Beitou Museum 北投文物館 (previously known as Taiwan Folk Arts Museum) located just beside the Grand View Resort Beitou. The architecture of the museum is Japanese influenced, it is a tea-house that not only houses works of art by local artists, but also folk relics and aboriginal art from earlier times.  The museum is open from 1000 - 1730 from Tuesday to Sunday.

Beitou Museum 北投文物館
Signage to the museum from Grand View Resort Beitou
Beitou Museum 北投文物館
The walkway to the museum
Beitou Museum 北投文物館
The entrance
Admission fee into the museum cost NT$160 per person, but with our Youth Travel Card we had 50% off and ended paying only NT$80 each. Visitors have the option of having tea or just browse through the museum, we chose the latter. Once payment was made, we were handed socks and told to remove our shoes and place them in the locker provided. Photography is not permitted inside.

In addition, the museum has a food and beverage section which serves tea and food, and even conducts lessons for tea ceremonies. Souvenirs are for sale and it has on display the very first type of hot springs bath influenced by the Japanese, along with its history: the building was built in 1921 and was the best hot springs hotel during the Japanese occupation. The surroundings are very serene.

Beitou Museum 北投文物館
Water fountain in the compound

The museum is not very large and it took less than 45 minutes to explore the two-storey tea house. There were guests learning the ways about tea ceremonies, those enjoying a cup of tea, and those viewing the area for holding a function. There were others (though few) like us, who walked through the tea-house looking at the art displays of local artists (old and new) who sculpted art pieces inspired by the gourd, and relics of old. There were gourd pieces of all shapes and sizes, from the normal to the peculiar (e.g. having a face of a cat).

Once we were done touring the museum, we headed back to the Grand View Resort Beitou to catch the shuttle back to Beitou MRT Station. While waiting for the shuttle, we were served chilled red tea infused jasmine, which was a very nice touch. The hotel staff makes no distinction if you are a hotel staying guest or not, as long as you are a paying guest, you are treated warmly with respect and courtesy.

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