Chopsticks by Asian Kitchen @ Citylink

Chopsticks by Asian Kitchen

Located in Citylink, Chopsticks by Asian Kitchen, is a Chinese Restaurant or rather an Asian restaurant that serves Asian food like rice, noodles, soup, dumplings and desserts etc… DramaQueen and myself happened to chance upon this eatery some time back this year and decided to try it out. The décor had an Asian theme (given the name of the place) with wooden chairs and black floral design as the backdrop. Service could have been better though.

Chopsticks by Asian Kitchen
Chopsticks by Asian Kitchen

I had the Zha Jiang Mian, a dry noodle dish with minced meat zha jiang sauce, topped with sliced cucumbers chopped toufu. It was a really light tasting noodle dish and not for those who prefer something that has more flavor. The wontan (dumpling) soup was not too bad and flavorful enough.

Zha Jiang Mian
Zha Jiang Mian
wontan soup
Wontan (dumpling) soup
DramaQueen was disappointed with her order of the chicken rice they had on promotion that day. Looking at the picture and the actual food, there really is a big difference – the chicken and presentation felt like a rip-off. She figured that even if she had told them, they would have still given her a hard and dry piece of chicken, so she endured and tried to eat the dish.

Chicken Rice Promotion Display
Chicken Rice Promotion
The actual dish - misrepresentation much?
At the end of the meal, when she tried to feedback about the chicken and asked why there was such a vast difference in the presentation of the dish (the chicken in particular), all she got in reply was that the chicken she had was normal and was supposed to be like that due to the way it was cooked. Like I mentioned, the service could have been better. But who knows? It may have already improved in the time we have not been there, and the other items on the menu might be worth the try.
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