Momo Department Store Food Court - Taipei (Taiwan)

Being a Saturday and the second day last day in Taipei, DramQueen and I decided to take it easy and explore the shops around Nanjing East Road before the concert. We ended up exploring the Momo Department Store, which is next door (well, about a 5 minute walk) from Hotel Quote Taipei.

Like any department store, there were lots to look at, from facial products, shoes, clothes and accessories. There were even cute pajamas and really nice looking raincoats that provided full coverage. The only raincoats that I have seen are the disposable kind, which are not pretty and basic. It so happened that it was the summer sales, so the sales sign was everywhere.

After all that window-shopping, our rumbling stomachs brought us to the food court at the basement of Momo Department Store. There were a lot of options to choose from and it took us some time to figure what we wanted to eat.

But finally after much deliberation, we settled on ramen from the same stall (can’t remember the name). What was interesting about the stall was that if you topped up, you would get a set that consisted of a side and drink. The drink is free-flow and any drink of your choice. It’s like an independent stall within the food court, something you would never find in Singapore where the drinks have to be bought from the one and only drink stall - separate entity from the other stores.

The portion was large and the taste was not too bad. We topped up the value for the drink and side. DramaQueen had the Chicken Ramen (NT$185), while I had the Kimchi Beef Ramen (NT$180). The pricing was reasonable. One thing memorable about the food court was that the people behind the counters were not only smiley, there wasn’t that look of unhappiness and disapproval written all over their face when you choose not to order from their stall.

Chicken Ramen - well the chicken is fried and came with a dash of fries
French Fries
Fries for the Chicken Ramen Set
Cheesy Chicken
Cheesy Chicken (Ramen)
Beef Kimchi Ramen with toufu
Beef Kimchi Ramen with toufu
Fried Toufu
The fried toufu

Momo Department Store

No. 337, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei City
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