Jetstar: Singapore to Taiwan Review

Jetstar Asia

Jetstar is the first budget airline that I have taken and so far the experience has been alright. It was not fantastic but it was on time and there were no delays. Being a budget airline, priority seats (even seats), entertainment and meals cost you extra. So the price you see before the final payment is not the final payment amount.

In addition, being a budget airline, while the ticket price is affordable (and cheaper), leg space is not ample so those who are of a larger stature could consider the seats with more leg space for stretching. But overall, it is good for short trips (less than 5-6 hours). There were only two rows with three seats each on the plane, the planes that Jetstar uses are smaller (and an older model) than Singapore Airlines; service was basic but acceptable. 

Maybe it was just me, but the air pressure within the plane when it took off into the air was not that good. You know that the popped/blocked feeling in the ears that usually happens sometime during take off? Well, the feeling did not go away throughout the entire flight. It wasn't bad, just a tad uncomfortable.

One thing to note is that if you choose the priority seating (e.g. extra leg room at the front of the plane – exit seats - at an extra S$S30, which we got for the return trip) is that you cannot check-in online for both the departing and return flight. It would make more sense if you book the priority seat for both the departing and return flights and the system does not allow you to check-in online. However, if it is only for one of the return (way) flights, it should only be applicable for that flight and not both flights.

The timing for the duration we wanted to go to Taipei was just nice: the flight left Singapore from Changi Airport Terminal 1 in the morning and arrived in Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 in the early afternoon. As the flight from Singapore was to take off early in the morning, we arrived at Changi Airport about 1 hour before take off and there was ample of time to check-in (physically) and wait to board the plane.

Immigration at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 and collecting of luggage took less than an hour. On the way out of Terminal 1 there was not much to see as most of the terminal was undergoing a facelift.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Immigration
Immigration. Pardon the blurness

The customer service counter is located at the right of the entrance, this was where we applied and got our Youth Travel Card which came along with a booklet on all the promotions and discounts the card had to offer.

With the Youth Travel Card in hand, we made our way to the bus terminal which was one level below, further down from the customer service center to get tickets for the Freego Bus into Taipei.

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