Disneyland Paris (France)

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris is much bigger than Walt Disney Studios Park; here the wait time for the rides was slightly longer from about 40 minutes to an hour. After our adventure at the Walt Disney Studios Park, we were tired and famished. There were not many dining options at Walt Disney Studios Park, so we decided to head over to Disneyland next door and have our lunch and part two of our adventure.

 Disneyland Paris
We had an international buffet lunch at Plaza Gardens Restaurant for 26.99€ per person (inclusive of with drinks) and it was worth it, especially if you are hungry and/or can eat a lot. The only gripe I have was that it was a long wait to get seated; it was at least about half an hour wait.

This year Disneyland Paris celebrates its 20th anniversary and we came across the 20th anniversary parade when we entered the park!

Main attractions not to be missed:


It’s a Small World
  • It’s a Small World: consisting of a pleasant boat ride in a magical Disney world of dolls around the world. A delight for little girls and those 'little' at heart. 
Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast: an attraction full of light, where you must defend the emperor of his enemies with a laser sword. 



    Pirates of the Caribbean

    • Pirates of the Caribbean: an attraction that takes you into the world of pirates. The area surrounding the Pirates of the Caribbean, with the fort walls, waterfall skull and pirate ship make it a truly “piratefull” experience. 

    • Autopia: an attraction where you get to drive your very own automobile; anyone can do it as long as you have some sort of coordination. We saw children as young as two driving the cars with their parents beside them. It was an interesting ride, and something good enough for the food to digest after lunch before we attempted the more vigorous rides.  

      Star Tours
      • Star Tours: is a ride that is based on, yes you guessed it, Star Wars. It is relatively tame and is more of a 3D experience. It is a little old and outdated ride, but still entertaining nonetheless, and done in French too.





      Thrills and Others

      Space Mountain
      Space Mountain
      • Big Thunder Mountain: Set in a mountain of mines, caves, and more mountains. This attraction was closed on the day we were there, but it is one of the recommended rides that I would want to try when and if I manage to go back again.
      • Space Mountain: The attraction, or ride rather, is set in a mountain, in the dark too; with a lot of excitement as it includes 360-degree loops and is pretty extreme and exhilarating launch (start of the ride).

      Besides there are other rides available at the park, and there are also time slots for photos with Disney characters (Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy etc...). You just have to plan your trip properly of you want to meet your favorite character and take a photo together! You can also easily get lost in Adventureland/Frontierland and have a fanatical time at Fantasyland.

      FantasylandAdventurelandFantasylandFantasylandDisney parkCurious Labyrith

      We ended our Disney adventure at the Florida Haunted Mansion, something only recommended to those who like to ‘scare’ themselves. Overall, it's a nice Disney park and worth stopping by if you happen to come to France.


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