Singapore to Paris on Singapore Airlines: The Economy Experience (Review)

The booking process on the Singapore Airlines website for a return trip to Paris was a breeze. You can choose your preferred seat when booking online as well. Navigation around the website was fairly simple enough and payment was a breeze, with the simple input of the credit card number and a click of a button. When payment was confirmed, the itinerary and receipt was sent to my email.

Checking-in can be done online and only at least 48 hours before the flight takes off. As I had input my mobile number, a SMS was sent to inform that I could check-in online. The process was easy, and after checking-in I was able to print out my boarding pass and (any) necessary documents. Being able to select your preferred seat, checking-in online and printing out the boarding pass really saves a lot of time.

With the flight to Paris booked easily on the Singapore Airlines website, checking-in online and boarding pass in hand, it was all down to heading to Changi Airport and boarding the plane at Terminal 3. Once the luggage was checked in, it was time to head to the departure hall for take-off. The flight was supposed to take off at 2355, while boarding time was stated to be 2200 on the boarding pass. I was there at 2130with plenty of time to spare. Security screening conducted at the boarding gates was relatively simple, efficient and uncomplicated.

When it was time for boarding, passengers were called in and orderly fashion: the First Class, Business Class, PPS, followed by Economy Class passengers with families, then Economy Class passengers (section by section).

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall
Waiting to board the place at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall
One of the things that I like about the Singapore Airline flight to Paris from Singapore, other than it being a direct flight, is the timing: you hardly feel any impact of jetlag (or maybe it’s just me), but leaving Singapore at about midnight and arriving in Paris in the morning really does lessen any impact of jetlag. Although the ticket price may be slightly higher than another airline with a connecting flight, it not only saves you time, but also the chances of your luggage getting lost is lessened; definitely worth that bit of extra money, especially if you have enough funds and want to save (some) traveling time.

On board the plane, there was enough leg room and the seat was comfortable enough (though it was a tad hard for a flight that took more than 10 hours) and the headrest can be adjusted as desired for greater support. A small pillow and blanket were provided. There are ports for you to charge your electronics or power your laptop too.

small pillow and blanket
Small pillow and blanket provided in case you get cold (which you will)
Singapore Airlines Economy Seats
The (tad) hard seats.
The overhead cabins to store your carry on luggage was pretty spacious, but I just placed mine below the seat in front of me for easier access.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines Storage

For entertainment to entertain there is the KrisWorld entertainment system presented on a 10.6-inch personal screen with entertainment options such as watching movies or television shows, listening to music, playing games, and applications such as Flight Path – an application that gives you an amazing view of your flight in and provides the aircraft’s position, flight path, as well as other associated information.

KrisWorld entertainment system         KrisWorld entertainment system
As it was near bedtime, I didn’t really explore the KrisWorld entertainment system. The other passengers on board were also not very 'active' considering it was night time, as compared to the flight from Paris to Singapore. Food served on the flight and the service was both good.

Arriving in Paris at the Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1 was a little messy as there were a lot of passengers from other flights as well. There was a long queue at the Immigration and luggage collection for the First/Business/PPS and Economy Classes were on different belts. Compared to Changi Airport, the layout and functionality of the Charles de Gaulle Airport was a little more chaotic and confusing, but we managed to survive and find us a taxi into Paris.

As an accident had occurred along the highway towards the airport that morning, the journey towards Paris was also affected. It took us about 2 and a half hours to reach Paris! Fortunately for us, we took a non-metered (private) taxi that cost us 95€ (flat rate per trip), it would have cost more if we had taken a metered taxi considering the distance, time (peak hour) and accident that occurred. All in all it was a pretty eventful journey to Paris.


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