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No matter the accommodation type and rates, there will always be someone complaining about something on a review site or forum. It is amusing to read some reviews or posts for budget hotels where people complain about the small rooms, cleanliness, service and what not, save for the ‘perfect’ location. But you get what you pay for (in most cases), no? If the previews reviews state that the room has no windows and a are small, or that there is no view, what is there to get all surprised and upset about? The best approach would be take an overview of all the reviews of the performance of the business (in general) and be wary of postings from reviewers with only one review and little or no personal information.

Review sites such as Tripadvisor are handy resources when planning for a trip, especially accommodation. Although reviews can be useful when making decisions, every review should be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, some of the reviews can be pretty biased (be it paid reviews, both positive and negative, or people who had a really bad experience). It would be interesting to note that some of the really negative reviews and those too good to be true are from one time posters, never to be heard of again after that one post, which makes it less credible (in a sense).

Despite that, it is informational and gives you a rough idea of what to expect. When in doubt sometimes photos posted by reviewers, not professional photos from the accommodation’s website, help; after all a picture can say a thousand words. And if a review is that bad with no photos to back it up, I’m less likely to actually consider it as being a valid review and be influenced by it. Service can fluctuate and furnishings wear out, so don’t only read the latest reviews, read some of the older ones as well before making your decision.

Personally, for accommodation, besides attractive rates and convenience of the location what I tend to look for (for now) is the experience I can get out of it. (e.g., décor, comfortable beds, clean, nice toilets, good service etc…) However, if you are on a budget and/or prefer to have a cheap place to rest your head, budget hotels/hostels located in a prime location with less frills and facilities might be for you. It is more of a personal preference more than anything, but I’d rather just spend or save up that little bit more for more comfort. You live life only once and money is meant to be spent (wisely of course). So in regards to traveling my current philosophy is - spend when you are able to afford (and want) it, and save where you can.

Ultimately it is not a cheap travel experience, or an expensive one that matters, but that you enjoyed yourself and you did not exceed your projected budget. Of course, staying within budget is another important factor, but that is each individual’s prerogative. Reviews are the opinions of others and how an individual comes to a conclusion are based on an individual's opinion based on the perception gleaned from the information presented, as well as the preferences and travel style. What is your travel style/preference?
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