Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant (Paris)

1 Boulevard Capucines, 75002 Paris, France

Started in Paris (France), the Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant features a wide selection of cuts such as sirloin, tenderloin rib steaks, all the way to the rare hanger and skirt steaks. Thankfully despite its name, the restaurant does not sell hippopotamus meat. Apparently the restaurant’s founder saw a Hippopotamus during one of his voyage trips and left an impression on him, enough to actually start a restaurant using the animal’s name!

The Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant was established in 1968, Paris, and grew to over a hundred restaurants mainly in the French regions before finally being brought over to Singapore. I have never been to the outlet in Singapore before, until I went to Paris.

There are a variety of sauces that can go along with the meat you order: barbeque, béarnaise, stewed shallot, pepper or roquefort cheese. The side dishes are also quite exciting when you get to choose from French fries, potato gratin, green beans, baked potato, ratatouille or basmati rice. Besides meat, the menu had a variety of starters, main courses, and desserts etc…

Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant MenuHippopotamus Grill Restaurant Menu

It was about lunch time when we were in the vicinity (after some window shopping – well, my aunt was looking to buy some shoes which we thankfully found at Galeries Lafayette nearby) when we decided to have lunch here. The restaurant was somewhat crowded, but we were ushered in relatively quickly and were seated in a nice little corner that looked out onto the street. The décor has an American feel to it, a little worn but quaint nonetheless.

As we were not that hungry, we had a drink and main course of ribs with barbeque sauce and fries/vegetables each. Service was a tad slow, from the taking of orders, delivery of the ordered items and payment (well, at least getting back the change was slower as compared to actual payment). We had originally wanted to order some desserts after the meal, but as we had a movie to catch and the waitress took ‘forever’ to come by to take our order, we gave it a miss.

 Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant (Paris) Ribs and Fries
Ribs and fries
 Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant (Paris) Ribs and Vege
Ribs and Vege
The servings were very generous, the food was nice (the French fries were yummy – crispy on the outside and moist on the inside!) and the cost (for Paris) relatively reasonable. It cost us about 60++€ for 3 persons having a drink and main course of ribs and fries/vegetables. Overall it was a memorable experience and I actually wouldn’t mind going back to try the other dishes; if I can handle the slow service. ^^

One thing to note is that the Hippopotamus Grill Restaurant does not have air-conditioning. In fact, majority of the establishments and shops (save for a few shopping malls) actually use air-conditioning in Paris, so it can get pretty stuffy during summer.
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