Paris Plages 2012 - A Summer Event

Paris Plages
If you want to go to Paris between the 19th July to 20th August 2012, avoid taking your car because during this period is the Paris-Plages event going on!

Paris PlagesParis-Plages or Paris Beaches, was known as Paris-Plage in the singular until 2006, where it became Paris-Plages. This event is a plan inaugurated by the mayor of Paris to create temporary artificial beaches each summer along the center of Paris along the river Seine! This was created for the Parisians who stay in the city during the holidays, to be able to relax and feel as if they were on the seaside and enjoying a nice summer break.

So every July and August, situated next to the Seine river and along the roadways are sanded floors with beach chairs for sun tanning, a swimming pool to cool down and other beach activities like sand volley-ball nets, areas to play bowling games and areas for children as well. 

Do note that despite the summer atmosphere and swimming pool, it is forbidden to jump into the Seine river!

Paris Plages
Volleyball anyone?
Paris Plages
Care for a swim on a hot summer's day?
To be able to arrange this the authorities have to close roads, such as the docks along the river which are usually used by many vehicles. With the Paris Plages in action, these roads are closed and in turn will congest the city center roads as those roads cannot be used, causing constant traffic jams. So avoid taking your car, or the bus or a taxi when visiting Paris this summer! Take the underground metro which is (normally) much quicker or if you are up to it, you could always try walking around the city.
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