Secret Islands Around Sydney

With many small islands surrounding the city, it is hard to not dive straight in. Explore some of Sydney’s secret spots, and some more well known, but equally as beautiful islands within the harbour. Getting to some of these islands can be quite difficult, but we recommend the adventure as they all offer stunning views, great bbq spots, and a wealth of history about the most well known city in Australia, Sydney.

Cockatoo Island

Visit Cockatoo Island on a day trip from Circular Quay, or spend a few days with accommodation, restaurants and events this is the perfect place to watch the fireworks, or celebrate a birthday. With the most intricate history of all the islands around Sydney Cockatoo Island, although not very secret is a must visit. Photograph the historical sites, dine at the restaurants or just enjoy your prime view of Sydney Harbour.

Goat Island

Once used as a police station for the Sydney Harbour police, Goat Island has a diverse history. A gunpowder storage depot ran by convicts, a fire brigade base, and a film set, this spot doesn’t cease to amaze me. With famous bands like Midnight Oil, and Kings of Leon playing host to unforgettable shows here, Goat Island is one of those unreal pieces of paradise on the harbour, with lush greenery, and city views floating on the big blue.

Rodd Island

Located in the Parramatta RiverRodd Island is close to the well known DFO shopping centre at Birkenhead Point. It is a great place to unwind. Pull up a kayak, or grab a water taxi to the island for a relaxing day of fishing and exploring. Make sure to pack some lunch as there is no food available on the island. Previously used as a US Army base, a research centre and quarantine station for the bubonic plague.

Shark Island

Just off the coast near Rose BayShark Island is a great spot to escape to on a Sunday afternoon. Famously named after its shape which supposedly resembles a shark. With panoramic views, picnic shelters and bright blue water what more could you want? Catch a ferry from circular quay, or make your own way to the island. During events ferries will not stop at the island, so take care to check before you leave.

Clark Island

Snack on sandwiches, and treats whilst soaking up some of the best views Clark Island has to offer. Traipse through bushland, and explore 18th century history, all with a picturesque view of some of Clark Island most famous icons. Named after a naval officer who attempted to farm vegetables on the island, but had limited success due to the lack of rations. Grab a water taxi, or hire your own boat to get over to the island for your day of adventures. 

Of all the places to visit in Sydney, its islands are some of the best. With a different perspective of the city on offer, with stupendously beautiful views, vividly different and interesting elements of Sydney’s history, island hopping has never looked better!

This post has been brought to you by Olivia Bourke, a young adventurer. Having been living in Sydney for a few years she is well versed in the sights and sounds of the city. Olivia is currently planning her next overseas adventure to Hawaii, as she is in need of some sunshine and R & R.
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