Popcorn Papa (Osaka)

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I've never been a fan of sweet popcorn until my taste of savory popcorn, cheese to be exact at a Bangkok cinema. So when someone asked me to get them some savory popcorn from Popcorn Papa at Universal Studios Japan, I got some for myself as well. 😆

Popcorn Papa (Osaka)
Popcorn Papa is conveniently located at the before entrance of Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, and is easy to spot.
Popcorn Papa (Osaka)
You can’t miss it with the giant popcorn kernel wearing a cowboy hat that call out to you from atop the store.

The moment I entered the shop, I was bombarded with flavors upon flavors of popcorn from sweet to savory: original butter to caramel, curry, coffee etc... And since this is in Japan, they have Japanese inspired flavors as well and they are the bomb!

The prices are reasonable and the packaging adorable, so the popcorn not only is delicious but they are great as food souvenirs. The popcorn comes in a resealable zip bag so it helps retains the freshness and flavor of the popcorn. There 2 sizes: small and big. I got the Mentaiko (big) and it was simply irresistible.

Popcorn Papa (Osaka)
The next time I am at Universal Studios Japan I'll definitely buy more popcorn from Popcorn Papa.

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