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Depending on where you are in Tokyo, there are various ways to get to DisneySea. When in doubt, just check the Tokyo Disney Official website. Since we were staying in Shibuya, this was how we made our way to DisneySea via the train.

Since Shibuya is along the JR Yamanote Line, it is similar to the guide provided by the office website to get to DisneySea from Shinagwa. The only difference? We bought our tickets at the Shibuya Station and made our way to Maihama Station.

Screenshot taken from the Tokyo Disney Official website
From Shibuya to Maihama, it costs ¥390 per way.
We have to transfer to the Keiyo Line to get to Maihama Station

All in all, it was relative straight forward to transfer the to the Keiyo Line to get to Maihama Station. It took us about an hour or so to reach Maihama Station, and from there we took the resort line to get to DisneySea.

Resort Gateway Station
Resort Gateway Station: besides the tram to bring you to Disneyland and DisneySea, there is also a plaza that has plenty of restaurants.
The machines where you can buy your one-way ticket
The machines where you can buy your one-way ticket
The machine is simple to use and there is an option for English, so you know which ticket you are getting
The ¥260 ticket
The ¥260 ticket
There are plenty of Disney themed corners to take that perfect photo. It also happened to be Disney's 15 Anniversary on the day we visited.
Cute Easter eggs backdrop anyone? 😊
While waiting for the tram to arrive, a photo of Minnie
Mickey themed windows
Mickey Mouse Paradise
Mickey Mouse Paradise
The interior of the tram, perfect for the Disney fan
Disney memorabilia: credit card designs
Disney memorabilia: credit card designs

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