Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳), Hong Kong

The day started out bright and sunny (but it was declared a typhoon warning T8 that day, more on that later...), and we had missed the hotel's shuttle service to Langham Place. So we decided to make our way there on foot. It's not very far, about a 10-15 minutes walk from Dorsett Mongkok Hotel. We didn't really have any specific breakfast place in mind that morning, so when we saw the colorful signage of Tsui Yuen Restaurant (翠苑餐廳) beckoning us, we decided to try it out.

Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)
Tsui Yuen Restaurant (翠苑餐廳)
Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)
The menu and set meals, with prices, in traditional Chinese characters
Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)
The breakfast sets and all day afternoon sets

From the moment we entered, the little restaurant was full of morning activity with patrons slurping up their morning meal. True to Hong Kong culture, the 4 of us were ushered to seat at a table big enough for 10 people; there was already one person at the table and half way through our meal 2 more people joined us at the table. 

Before we entered the restaurant, we thought we knew what we wanted, but when we were seated we changed our minds. The table next to us was eating beef spaghetti which was really interested in, and got me curious. So the both of us had that, while K and Cc had the wanton noodles.

Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)
The stir fried spaghetti with slices or beef, while the sauce and spaghetti was quite nice, the beef was a little too tenderized for my liking with a little of the frozen (not fully thawed out) aftertaste.
Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)
The spaghetti came was 'abc' soup, which was clear and sweet. If there was msg, it was quite minimal as there was not much of a 'thirst' after the meal.
Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)
Iced milk tea, Hong Kong style. It actually tasted pretty much like your standard milk tea, a little less strong than Thai milk tea with a subtle milk flavor which didn't overpower the tea.
Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)
Hong Kong style wonton noodles! I had a little bite of the noodles and wonton and they were simply heavenly; totally different from what you get in Singapore! 😋😋😋
Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)
Hong Kong milk tea
Service wise, the wait staff were surprisingly not rude nor impatient with us (when we took some having to decide on certain items 😊); either that or maybe we had really low expectations about the service. In fact, throughout our time in Hong Kong, the service most of the restaurants and cafes that we visited was really not too bad and even better than expected (i.e. no snappy wait staff or curt service), well... except maybe for Australian Dairy Company Hong Kong but that would be another story for another post.

While we were eating, it had started to rain and there was a typhoon signal warning T8, which essentially means that all public transportation above ground were not running and the MTR would stop operations the moment the warning went from a T8 to a T9. It also meant that other than some restaurants or malls, most of the places were closed. So we literally spent our day taking the MTR and basically ate our way throughout the day. 😅😂😋 Thankfully, the rain eased up when we were done with our meal, and throughout the day it was just really rainy and wet intermittently throughout the day.

Once we were done with our meal, we made our way to catch the MTR at Langham Place to our next destination, Jordan MTR Station.

Tsui Yuen Resturant (翠苑餐廳)

Address: 28 Fuk Tsun St, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong
Hours: Open today · 6AM–12AM
Phone: +852 3689 1863

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