Gobong Samgyetang 고봉 삼계탕, Myeongdong (Seoul)

Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
The meal!

Once we settled into our hotel, we were famished and asked the concierge where would be a good place to eat. They recommend Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕), a restaurant that specializes in Ginseng Chicken and is located just right opposite the hotel on the second floor.  It was past the lunch hour and so there wasn't much of a crowd. 

Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
The signage that tells you where the restaurant is. It might be a little hard to spot if you are specifically looking for it.
Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
The menu that was outside, to tempt people to enter to dine.
Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
When we entered (after a short flight of stairs up), we were promptly greeted and seated by the windows.

Besides the Ginseng Chicken, which comes in two flavors: original and herbal, they have a good selection of food such as chicken abalone porridge, pancakes (i.e. kimchi and seafood), roasted chicken etc... 

Although the menu had English, most of it was literally just the romanization version of the Korean, so it might not be that helpful.  English level of the staff was not that great and neither was their Mandarin, C wanted to know what exactly was the difference between the original and herbal flavor (e.g. what herbs were put in), but in the end she gave up although the waitress did her best to explain in Korean. 😂

Other than that, service was prompt and the wait staff were polite and even pointed out to us to the little 'cheat sheet' on the menu which teaches you how to eat and enjoy your piping hot bowl of Ginseng Chicken.

Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
Menu and information how to enjoy your Ginseng Chicken

In the end, we ordered one original Ginseng Chicken, a bowl of chicken abalone porridge and a seafood pancake which was so huge we could not finish it. 

Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
The free flow side dishes! The pickled radish slices were yum, but the kimchi was a little too strong and acidic to my liking.
Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
The Ginseng Chicken (original flavor) was quite a nice dish: the soup base was thick and creamy, and the chicken meat was tender to the tear. Inside the chicken, the stuffed glutinous rice and piece of ginseng with nuts went will with the kimchi; even better when finished off with the ginseng wine.
Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
Chicken abalone porridge: it was nice and warm, and the condiments deliciously complimented the porridge.
Gobong Samgyetang (고봉 삼계탕)
The seafood pancake which was too huge to finish!

Overall, this is a good place to have your Ginseng Chicken, especially if you do happen to be within the vicinity of Myeongdong it's worth a try. Given it's location, I think the prices are pretty acceptable and not too expensive, and the portions are quite adequate too. 😊

Gobong Samgyetang 고봉 삼계탕

2F, 199-13, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu,  
Seoul 04546, South Korea

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