2nd Day in Hong Kong: Eat, Eating, Ate and a little shopping

A day dedicated to eating... non-stop 😅😂

We were not really expecting to encounter any typhoon on our trip to Hong Kong. The night before our day was to start, there was already announcements about the typhoon signal warning T8, which  essentially means that all public transportation above ground were not running and the MTR would stop operations the moment the warning went from a T8 to a T9. Shops and malls would also be mostly closed. 

We were a little disappointed and worried, but the experienced receptionist who checked us in (who is from Malaysia) and the friendly concierge manager (who is from Singapore), just told us to enjoy ourselves, bring an umbrella and stay indoors as much as possible. They had weathered many such incidents and assured us it would be not that bad, and they were right. We managed to explore the nearby areas of Jordan and the Langham Place (which is super near our hotel; about a 10 minute stroll away). 

Tsui Yuen Restaurant (翠苑餐廳)

On our way to the MTR at Langham Place, and since we didn't really have any specific breakfast place in mind that morning, so when we saw the colorful signage of Tsui Yuen Restaurant (翠苑餐廳) beckoning us, we decided to try it out.

Tsui Yuen Restaurant (翠苑餐廳)

Here we had our first dose of Hong Kong styled milk tea and wonton noodles. The food was quite nice and the service was quite unexpectedly amicable; unlike the typical Hong Kong service of hastiness and a bit of brusqueness. It might have been the places we visited or it might have been the weather that day, but the service in all of the cafes and restaurants we visited was good.

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Once we were done with our meal, we made our way to catch the MTR at Langham Place to our next destination, Jordan MTR Station. Below are some photos of the sights along the way:

A fish stall selling fresh fish
A bao / bun / dim sum place
That had a long queue!
The trio figuring out which exit we should be taking 😆

Desserts at Hui Lau Shan 许留山

The original plan was to head to the Australian Dairy Company (known for their scrambled eggs and steam milk desserts). However, once we alighted from Jordan MTR and made our way there, it was closed. As we were deliberating where we should head to next, started to pour so we sought refuge at nearby Hui Lau Shan 许留山.  

Desserts at Hui Lau Shan 许留山
Our mango dessert escapade

Hui Lau Shan 许留山 is a dessert store that specializes in mango deserts, known particularly for its mango sago. Before it was famous in the 1960s, they were selling 龟苓膏 (Tortoise/Turtle Jelly), which was traditionally made from the powdered plastron (bottom shell) from the turtle. They became famous around the 1990s after they created mango sago. It has since branch out with multiple outlets in Hong Kong.   

Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)

After our little dessert escapade at  Hui Lau Shan 许留山, we managed to do a little shopping along the streets of Jordan, in spite of the intermittent downpour and the fact that not many of the shops were open. 

The wet weather. It was at this corner of Jordan Street that we shopped to our hearts content; the clothes were going for mostly HK$50!

However, it soon started to pour cats and dogs and we had to seek refuge refuel our stomachs, so we found ourselves in a quint little eatery called Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵). They served some unique Hong Kong foods such as the curry fishballs.

Spicy Fishball, Crab Egg Balls, Black Mushroom Pork Balls, Cuttlefish Balls Noodles (HK$48): This was simple a bowl of delight as we tried the different flavors.

We ate up quite a storm and ordered quite a bit of food: noodles, dried chicken, fried octopus, vegetable in oyster sauce, pork neck etc... Prices were reasonable too, at an average of HK$50 per person.

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With our tummies stuffed with good food, and the weather clearing up, we made our way back to Langham Place. We did a bit of exploring and walked around; going up to the highest level - the 12th floor. The escalator leading to the 13th floor really reminded me of the escalator at the Kyoto Station which went all the way up to the 11th floor.

The long escalator in Kyoto Station. Forgot to take the photo of the escalator at Langham Place. 😅
Langham Place
The almost realistic artificial sky, which is an upgraded version and prettier "fake" sky then the one at Kingdom of Dreams, India.
Langham Place
A display of a view of the Hong Kong Harbor

Yum Cha at Langham Place

After exploring Langham Place and targetting which shops we wanted to visit when the shops were open (there is a LINE shop there!), we decided to have our final meal of the day at Yum Cha. Yum Cha serves traditionally dim sum and Chinese cuisine with a contemporary twist. The food is visually crafted and quite adorable to look at too. 

Yum Cha at Langham Place
While the prices weren't exactly cheap, they were still reasonable for a restaurant and the food was soo cute!

It was a fun dining experience and the food was quite nice too; worth the trip down (or to any or the other outlets). Service was on point and quite pleasant too. And with that, our day of feasting concluded as we made our way back to the hotel with heavy but satisfied tummies!

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