Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵) - Hong Kong Style Food

After our little dessert escapade at  Hui Lau Shan 许留山, we did manage to do a little shopping along the streets of Jordan, in spite of the intermittent downpour and the fact that not many of the shops were open. However, it soon started to pour cats and dogs and we had to seek refuge refuel our stomachs, so we found ourselves in a quint little eatery called Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵).

Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
Given the weather, there was not much people that day
Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
The illustrated menu

There wasn't much of a crowd when we entered, and were soon handed a menu where we could order the uniquely Hong Kong food items. We ordered quite a bit, and here is the food that we ordered... in no particular order.

Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
The order sheet which customer fill up on their own, no issues as there is English.
Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
Spicy Fishball, Crab Egg Balls, Black Mushroom Pork Balls, Cuttlefish Balls Noodles (HK$48): This was simple a bowl of delight as we tried the different flavors.
Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
Swiss Chicken Wings, Fish Dumplings & Sweet Carrot Noodles (HK$36): The noodles were springy and quite delectable, and the portion for one person is quite large. Thank goodness we shared it; two bowls of it.
Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
Thai Pork Neck (HK$38): The marinate was nice and it seeped into the meat making it very flavorful, did I mention it was also quite tender? 😋😋
Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
Vegetable with Oyster Sauce HK$15: There just something about the way they cook the vegetable, it's cooked to perfection, easy to bite off and chew (neither over nor under cooked) each and every time.
Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
Fried Octopus Roll (HK$48): The taste is familiar as it is wrapped in soybean skin and fried. It was not greasy and quite yummy.
Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
Deep Fried Chicken Wings (HK$15 for 3 pcs): The chicken wings were piping hot and juicy.
Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)
Our drinks! Clockwise cold pamelo tea, soya bean and hot pamelo tea and watercress (which tastes like chestnut)

Overall, it was a good experience and the service was surprisingly good. It could be the weather that day, but the wait staff were patient and even recommended us certain items. Prices were reasonable too, at an average of HK$50 per person. It would have been better if we checked out Klook and used the voucher, so that we could eat more try the other food for less, but there's always next time. 😊


Hee Kee Cart Noodles (囍記車仔麵)

Address: Shop 1, G/F, 101 Parkes Street, Jordan

Tel: 2388 2112

Operation Hours: Mon-Sun, 07:00-02:00

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