Ocean Basket (Dubai Airport) - Food Review

Ocean Basket (Dubai Airport)
Ocean Basket (Dubai Airport)

Since we were early for our flight back to Singapore from Dubai Airport, we decided on having dinner at Ocean Basket – a restaurant similar to Fish & Co or Manhattan Fish. There really wasn’t much to choose from and Ocean Basket looked alright (there were not that many people in the restaurant at the time). 

As the restaurant was not full, we were quickly ushered to a seat and presented with the menu. Service, although prompt, was lackluster: the wait staff attending to us (and throughout the restaurant for that matter) although polite, were not welcoming (i.e. in place of smiles were deadpan expressions and worn out faces) and certainly not as cheery as the décor or menu.

Ocean Basket (Dubai Airport)
The menu
Ocean Basket (Dubai Airport)
Illustration is similar to other seafood places; nothing outstanding.

The items on the menu were actually quite limited, though they had sushi on the menu.

Some bread as starters while the food is being prepared

In the end, DramaQueen had the Grilled Salmon (85 AED), while I had the Feesh & Chips (43 AED) and topped up with some Halloumi Cheese for an additional 25 AED.

Grilled Salmon
The stir fried vegetables that came with the Grilled Salmon was a failed version of Chinese stir fried vegetables, not only was it hard to chew (with a weird combination of bean sprouts, carrots, onions, white cabbage and capsicum), it was also extremely salty. The salmon itself was blend and unappetizing.
Feesh & Chips
Feesh & Chips: The fish, though fresh, was thoroughly salty. 😐 The best part of the dish was the fries.
Halloumi Cheese
It did not help that the Halloumi Cheese that I topped up were even more salty! It would have helped if the waiter who took our order had forewarned me and let me know that the cheese was super salty (no wonder he had a weird expression when I ordered it).
Lemon Mint
The Lemon Mint (25 AED each) was a weird drink to consume: the lemon and mint did not compliment each other at all. It was like drinking sour mint water. 😖

The whole meal could be defined in one word – SALTY! It was like the salt was free (it probably was) and the chef had no qualms clearing the stock of salt for the day by adding it generously to the food that was cooked. That said, it was one of the worst seafood I have ever had and would definitely not recommend you to visit this place to dine if you ever at Terminal 3 of the Dubai Airport. The only thing good about Ocean Basket was that the chairs were quite comfortable and it was near our departure gate, everything else falls below expectation:
  • Sub-par version of Fish & Co.
  • Unfriendly/inattentive staff and horrible mostly salty food 
  • The prices are not cheap too. The whole meal cost us 203 AED, which is about the same price (about S$78+), if you were to dine in similar seafood place in Singapore
The bill
The bill

Conclusion: Unless you are tired and willing to eat fresh but not so palatable seafood with equally sub-par service at an exorbitant price, you can give Ocean Basket a try. Otherwise, if you ever are in Dubai Aiport Terminal 3 and are looking for a place to grab a bite, you might be better off going to a fast food place instead of eating here.

Address: Terminal 3 | Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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