The Chocolate Exhibition in Paris (2016)

To all the chocolate lovers out there, this is an event you would love: the Salon du Chocolat is a chocolate exhibition where the world’s best chocolatiers and lovers of chocolate congregate to celebrate and enjoy the 💝 of chocolate. The Salon du Chocolat has events that are held around the world annually, but the one in Paris would have to be the biggest and most elaborate - simply a feast for the eyes and taste-buds! 

The Chocolate Exhibition in Paris (2016)
The Chocolate Exhibition in Paris (2016)

The Salon du Chocolat in Paris was held from 28th October to 1st November 2016, at the exhibition center of Porte de Versailles. With thousands of visitors from almost everywhere and more than 400 chocolatiers showcasing their chocolate masterpieces, you will be able to taste and discover chocolates from all over the world - dream come true for every chocoholic!   

Sounds like heaven right ?  Well it pretty much was!

After getting my adult entrance ticket for 14€, I ventured in the chocolate exhibition, which totally resembled Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! There were chocolate stalls at every corner starting from the American, Southern American and African continents and on the second floor mainly European brands.

The Chocolate Exhibition in Paris (2016)
A cup of pure melted dark chocolate from an African stall!  😍😍😍 It was insane and actually probably a bit too rich but tasted delicious!

In order to get to the main exhibition hall, I passed by countless of stalls showcasing homemade lollipop, cookie, fresh spices from all around the world, ice cream, and not forgetting the star of the exhibition - chocolate. In addition, there were also amazing chocolate artwork stalls and sculptures that were out of this world!

It felt quite overwhelming to be standing in the middle of all the action, you could almost taste chocolate in the air!
The Chocolate Exhibition in Paris (2016)
The Chocolate Exhibition in Paris (2016)
Spices galore

In the late afternoon that day, there was a special chocolate-design fashion show. Models donned beautiful pieces of clothing entirely designed with chocolate! 

Chocolate dress!

Needless to say, it was a fantastic experience and since it is held every year, why not mark for calendar for the next time the chocolate exhibition is in town? 😋😃

From a dizzying range of activities and events such as a Pastry Show, Chocolate Fashion Show, Chocolate Bookshop with author signings, Chocolate sculptures, hands-on workshops, and even diabetes-friendly chocolate workshops, it’s too fantastic not to miss it!

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