Back to Singapore from New Delhi on Malaysia Airlines Economy Style

After the adventure at the Taj Mahal, late lunch at the Radisson Blu and a visit to a place which sold intricate marble handicrafts (e.g. replicas, jewel boxes, lamps, table tops etc...) we made our way to the New Delhi Airport, a 3-4 hour away drive. By the time we arrived, it was close to 8pm. We had a moderate group who came from different countries, going back on different flights at different times. Some of the flights were as late as 2am in the morning, so I am glad that there was a flight at 11pm to come back to Singapore.

Flight Information at New Delhi Airport

Although I was not able to check in online,  checking in in person was not that bad. The queue was a little long but at least it was fast moving. It took less than 20 minutes before it was my turn. Process was fast too: gave the booking slip, was issued a ticket and passport stamped within 5 minutes.

After getting back the passport, it was off to get screened. Here's where it got a little weird: the lines were long and even though the officers had the assistance of technology, instead of speeding up the process, it actually slowed the process instead. In the end it took up to 20 minutes just to clear the line. 

Tip: There is quite a bit to buy at the airport if you have any last minute souvenir shopping.

As the flight was at about 11pm, there was still time to walk around but other than Starbucks, there really wasn't anyway to hang the feet  nor much to see once you have settled your last minute souvenir shopping, also the toilets (at least the one before the gates) were all being washed!

Another point to note would be that there was no free Wi-Fi at the New Delhi Airport, which is surprising as it getting connected is common nowadays and almost all airports provide it.

MH191 –  New Delhi to KL

The flight took off as scheduled and the flight was quite full. The seating configuration for the flight was 2-4-2, and as usual I had my favorite window seat. Nothing much to say about the seats, as it was a late night flight I was too tired to take any notice. But the seats were clean enough, with pillow and blanket provided.

About 1 hour into the flight, food was served. There was much of a choice, I had the Chicken and Rice, which also included some chapati/naan.

Chicken and Rice, which also included some chapati/naan
Standard fare of chicken brianyi rice with dessert and a side. Nothing much to rave about but good enough to fill your tummy.

Same as on my flight to New Delhi, the entertainment selection was average and the sound system still failed to meet expectations. But since it was a night flight, I gave up on the entertainment system and just slept till the plane arrived at the KL Airport.


MH0611 –  KL to Singapore

The plane landed as scheduled and transiting to the next flight to Singapore was relatively easier (you just gotta follow the signs!).
Getting to the gate
In order to get to the departure gate, I had to take the tram. From there is was a long walk to the gate.

Since there was about 2 hours to spare, some of that time was spent a Starbucks and a quick call back home using the free airport Wi-Fi.
In the plane and ready for take off.

The flight back to Singapore was thankfully a short one and just like the flight from Singapore to KL, shortly after take-off  we were offered light refreshments of peanuts, followed by drinks such as water, orange and apple juice. The drinks were already poured into plastic cups ready to be served straight from the tray and offered to anyone who wanted them. Since it is such a short flight, no pillows or blanket but there were peanuts, and the entertainment system was switched off.

The seats were comfortable enough. As for the cleanliness, it was better than the flight from Singapore to KL which had bits of a few peanut bits from the previous passengers were on a couple of seats.

Up in the sky with all those puffy clouds

The plane was a smaller one, a 3-3 configuration in the economy section and it was about 80% full. My seat mates were a cute older Indian couple looking out of the window in anticipation when we landed, so much so it felt a little uncomfortable since I was seated in the window seat, it was a little challenging to figure if they were staring at me or the view outside the window. 😅

Malaysia Airlines
Almost home

Overall, if the price (you might be able to save as much as S$100 or more) is right for you and you have the time to spare, Malaysia Airlines is pretty good option. Otherwise, a direct flight for slightly more might be more worth it.

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