An impromptu visit to the Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄) & dinner

Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄) entrance

At the end of the Jejueco tour, it was free time and we decided to make stop at the Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄). Victor was so kind to drop us off at the entrance of the Teddy Bear Museum and so we made our way in. It was about 5 in the evening and there wasn’t much of a crowd.

Note: There are other attractions within walking distance of the Teddy Bear Museum, for example, Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum (믿거나 말거나 박물관).

Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
After buying our tickets, we headed downstairs where the galleries are located.

The Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄) has 3 sections:
  1. History Hall: history of the teddy bear with scenes from different eras
  2. Art Hall: where the latest artworks of world’s famous designers can be found
  3. Project Exhibition Hall: meet teddy bears grouped to suit the theme of each exhibition

There were bears of every color and design imaginable: there was an Elvis bear, Marilyn bear, Mona Lisa bear, Chinese bears, countryside bears and even Goong (the Korean drama) bears! It really was a bear wonderland. The only problem was that the commentary was all in Korean, it would have been better if there was English translation as well. The other problem was that most of the exhibits were housed in glass cases which made taking photos challenging as the reflections were very prominent. Besides viewing the bears, there is an in-store souvenir shop that has all sorts of bear items (e.g. keychains, stuffed bears, bags etc...).

Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
Abstract Teddy Bear Art
Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
Life sized 'Goong' teddy bears!
Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
Disneyland teddies, abstract teddies, musical teddies....
Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
Traditional Korean teddies, fashion teddies and more abstract teddies of all colors and designs
Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)
Goong teddies!

Overall, the Teddy Bear Museum is not a bad place to visit if you need some time to rest and relax, and/or happen to be in the area. So if you love the cuteness of teddy bears and can bear the lack of English commentary, then this is a place to visit.

After viewing the bears, it was near dinner time and C had wanted to ask the girl at the Lotte Burger counter for a good delivery of jajangmyeon, but in the end we decided just buy the burgers back to Jejueco. lol DramaQueen and MX wanted to venture a bit more so they settled their dinner elsewhere.

So with Lotte burgers in hand we made our way back to Jejueco, but before that we made a stop at the 7-11 to grab a couple of snacks and some soju! I just love the variety of food and drinks that the convenience stores (e.g. 7-11) in South Korea (and even Taiwan). You just don’t get that much of variety in Singapore: there are no rice rolls, or kimbaps or anything interesting of the sort.

Lotte burgers
Dinner: shrimp burger and bulgogi burgers! They were pretty nice.

It was relatively easy catching a taxi back to Jejueco and there were no communication issues at all. Since we had the address with us, all the taxi driver did was enter in the address and followed his GPS! Ah… the convenience of technology… In addition, the fare wasn’t that expensive - about 10,000 won.

Teddy Bear Museum 제주 테디베어뮤지엄
31, Jungmungwangwang-ro110beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 중문관광로110번길 31 (색달동)

Operating Hours:
0900 – 2000 (Tickets are available for sale until 1900)

Open 365 days a year

Admission Fees:
  • Adult 7,000 won / Group 5,000 won
  • Youth 6,000 won / Group 4,000 won
  • Child, senior and disabled visitors 5,000 won / Group 3,000 won
 * Group – more 20 people
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