Seafood Lunch Korean Style - JEJUDOKBAEKI (제주똑배기)

After all the sand, sea and walking, it was time for a seafood feast (and rest our feet at the same time lol). Victor brought us to this Korean seafood restaurant which served up an array of seafood dishes. The seafood restaurant had a simple interior, which kind of resembles our (Singaporean) coffee shop.
Seafood Lunch Korean Style
As the Australian couple did not join us that day for the Jejueco tour we were 2 people less so the seating arrangement was different from the day before: M, C, DramaQueen and MX were seated at the table next to me, while I was seated together with Victor and the Russian couple.

Soon the food was sent to the table dish after dish. First the banchan, than the soups of clams and seafood, bowls of rice and fish. I have to say, while the seafood feast was good, it was not as fulfilling as the lunch we had at Soban (소반).
Seafood Lunch Korean Style - JEJUDOKBAEKI (제주똑배기)
Seafood Lunch Korean Style - JEJUDOKBAEKI (제주똑배기)
Soups on the table next to me
Partly because it was a little awkward (not to mention a little stressful) as eating was communal style and dining with the Russian couple who might not be comfortable with communal dining made it a tad uncomfortable. Moreover, it seemed that the Russian couple was not into spicy food, so the spicy seafood soups were sent mostly to the table next to me.
Seafood Lunch Korean Style - JEJUDOKBAEKI (제주똑배기)
Fish all to myself!
As a result, I had to stretch my hand over and grab spoonfuls of the nearest soup and bits of seafood. Being the hungry lot that they were, DramaQueen and company were so into the food that if I had not stretched my hand over, there would me none for me! However, eat I did and I even had a whole saba fish to myself!

When the extra servings of banchan arrived and the plates were cleared of the food, it was time to head on to our next (and last) venue (of the day): Ilchul Land. But before we left, we made a stop at the restaurant’s toilet and though it was only one cubicle, it was clean. 
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