AirBnB: Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3) First Impressions

Located within the Jongno district, Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Suis Loft #3) can accommodate up to 5 people and is strategically located near the palaces (Gyeongbukgung) and cultural places such as Gwanghwamun square (about 5 minutes away), The Great King Sejong's museum, the Gyeongbokgung palace and Cheonggyecheon Canal, Insadong and Bukchon (about 15 minutes away). The nearest subway stations are Gyeongbokgung and Gwanghwamun.

Since Jejueco’s tour ended in the evening, our flight in from Jeju to Gimpo Airport arrived at night, and thankfully we were able to catch the AREX to Gwanghwamun Station (as suggested by Sui). It was a mini adventure as the 5 of us exited out the wrong exit and where disorientated under the cover of the night (a night flight and heavy luggage can do that to you lol). It was a little scary as the streets, although lighted, were quiet and not many people were walking about. Thankfully, after asking around we found our bearings and made our way to our accommodation.

So after walking for about 15 minutes or so, we arrived at our accommodation, which had a a fried chicken place (closed on Sundays) and mini-mart (super convenient!) at the ground floor. Upon entering the loft, it was clean and, slightly bigger than the previous accommodation(s) that I stayed in (so far), with 2 floors and 3 beds (plenty of sleeping space!). Sui (the host) also provided a complimentary wifi egg (super love!) for our use, along with heat pads (perfect for the cold autumn weather!).

Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
The entrance with recommendations for takeout ^^
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
Don't want to get floor dirty? Have no fear, you get to choose from a variety of color slippers

The first floor contained the main (bed)room with a bed, a table, a lounge chair, a closet and a TV-system.

Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
The comfy bed on the ground floor....
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
... right in front of the TV
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
The closet which not only housed supplies like tissues, pens, paper and travel resources / recommendations, but also the hair dryer and a game for you to play if you are bored.
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
Hangers upon hangers!

The ground floor also housed the bathroom and kitchen, both equipped with amenities. The kitchen was equipped with dining utensils, pans, a toaster, coffee machine and a microwave. Not to mention a whole array of tea and coffee sachets and cup noodles (which we had as dinner on our last night in Seoul).

Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
The well-equipped kitchen!
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
For trash and... of course, recycling
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
The fridge
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
A map for convenience

The bathroom was well stocked with shampoo, soap, toilet paper and enough towels.

Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
The bathroom

Now onwards to the other part of the apartment - the second floor – which was about 1.2m in height and contained a queen size mattress and single mattress along with a few cupboards and drawers – plenty of space for the 3 of us. The beds were a tad hard but still comfortable and we slept like babies throughout the 4 nights we were there!

Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
A clock on the wall and a left turn brings you to....
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
... the staircase which leads to....
Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)
... the beds! It was a little challenging when we had to wake up in the middle of the night to head to the bathroom as the ceiling was low and the stairs were a little steep. lol

In addition to being near the Gwanghwamun subway station, Gyeongbokgung subway station (orange line # 3) and limousine airport bus stop are within 5-10 minutes walking distance from the loft house. Sui also provided bus time tables for the limousine airport; the Incheon Airport is only about 50 minutes away by bus.

Recommended: For those who want to be in near historic sites and the palaces, this is the place to be. Being within less than a 10 minute walk away from the subway station and having 2 lines, it is also relatively easy to get around to the other parts of Seoul (palaces etc...). Even if you decide to spend the day around the area, there is plenty to see (on foot).

Not Recommended: For those who want to be nearer to the more exciting parts of Seoul

Do note that this review is only that of Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3) in Seoul using AirBnB, and not on all properties and hosts that are available on AirBnB. When booking other properties on AirBnB, please conduct your own research before booking anything. If you are interested in joining AirBnB and want a discount off your first stay, sign up here!

First Impression for Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3)


Verdict: 4/5
Sui (the host) was a responsive person and answered any questions we had, she was also helpful and offered suggestions on where to go. When we asked whether the apartment had a vacuum, she almost instantly said that she would come by with one (in the end we decided to use to mop instead).  She was a commendable host and we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Owl house@Gyeongbokgung. Since the time of our booking till now, her apartment has been renamed to Owl house@Gyeongbokgung. She has 3 apartments within the same building, 2 of which are on the same floor. So it would be best to check with her before hand which apartment you would be getting. :)

The description on AirBnB for Owl house@Gyeongbokgung (a.k.a. Sui’s Loft #3) is accurate (as it can be) and directions to get to there are clear. Sui even provided a map and a directory of places nearby which are worth checking out! If you want to see more apartment photos and/or what else is nearby, do check out her AirBnB listing. For our stay of 4 nights, it cost each us about S$60 per night.

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  1. Lovely post! I also wish to travel to Korea with my family in the future on a Free & Easy basis but language is a big barrier for us. We also love to travel and this is a nice blog. :)


    1. Thanks Phoebe :) You should travel to Seoul sometime. Language is not that much of a barrier in Seoul as it has directions in English and quite English friendly. And if all else fails, due to the increase in tourists from China, their Chinese is good too.

  2. I think the second floor looks really cool and amazing! I've tried staying at the areas where it's more exciting part of seoul, but definitely would love to try places like these next time. AND YES, DEFINITELY a next time :D

    I also get lots of sales staff speaking to me in mandarin! Oh myyyyy.

    1. The second floor was an interesting expereince!

      As for the area, it is a little on the quiet side, but definitely not boring with the palace and supermarts nearby. Not to mention the restaurants and jjimjilbang in the area. :)