Getting my (new) iMac working again

I have barely used the new iMac that I bought sometime at the start of the year, so it was a surprise that it couldn’t boot up one day. It’s barely 3 months old! That said after a quick chat to the Apple Support online, it was recommended that I bring it down their service center. Good thing the iMac is still under warranty!

The nearest one was at Changi Point and I have to say… it was uber inconvenient (as with all things bulky and out of the way): the center wasn’t exactly located near the entrance and the mall itself is a little out of the way for taxis. But Changi Point was definitely a better option than the one at Plaza Singapura. Note to self: next time I am getting a laptop instead!

Although this is the first time that such a thing has happened to me, there’s nothing much to panic about… it’s just the pain of not having backed up my (very little and new) data and not being able to use the device. It also made me wonder if I should extend the Apple Care since this has happened, I wouldn’t be surprised that if it happened again. *crosses fingers*. The funny thing is that was I was at the service center waiting for my turn, while chatting with DramaQueen I suddenly remember that I had a trolley that I could have used and saved my energy that day (oh the agony!).

Anyways, it takes about 3-5 (working) days for the iMac to get fixed. On the 4th day, it was delivered (at an additional fee of S$20). It turned out that the screen display had some issues so that was replaced.

After setting the iMac, came the second issue… the wireless keyboard was not functioning! I have to bring it down to the service center (again) for a replacement. Good thing the Apple Chat representative gave me a number for this, else I would have had to bring down the iMac (again!) along with the keyboard for it to be checked (which does not make sense since it is only the keyboard that cannot be detected). Sigh…

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