Kim Jae Joong's Cafeholic at Myeongdong

Kim Jae Joong's Cafeholic at Myeongdong

We did not have a hard time finding Kim Jae Joong's Cafeholic at Myeongdong, thanks to MX who did some research before that. The directions on how to get there can be found at We were initially worried that the place will be closed since it was already 9pm when we reached Myeongdong, but thank goodness we got our Jae Joong fix

Kim Jae Joong's Cafeholic at Myeongdong

When we entered Cafeholic, we were smitten with the simple yet classic decor and color scheme. For fans, there is a showroom that is a replica of Kim Jae Joong's house. Many fans were flocking around this place and took pictures of the furniture (ah hem... that would also include us). Although we were not allowed to browse through the things as there was a barricade which prevented people from going in, I was quite satisfied with the ambiance of the cafe.

Cafeholic consists of 2 stories, where the 2nd floor had a place for us to relax and rest our feet. MX ordered blueberry ice tea, while I ordered Halloween Hazelnut coffee at the counter. There were also cakes and some souvenirs being sold at the cafe. After we ordered our drinks, we went around the place to explore. The drinks were good and the interior design of the cafe was really nice. It was indeed a happy and memorable experience at Cafeholic
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