The Jejueco Suites (3 Days/2 Nights) Experience

For our 3 days 2 nights stay on Jeju Island, we stayed at Jejueco Suites and joined their tour. Our stay was pleasant and the room was comfortable. The room was just like an apartment with TV, bed, kitchenette and all. We evening had connecting rooms (though we never did open that door hehe)!
Jejueco Suites
Our cozy room!
Jejueco Suites
Jejueco's drive way (and entrance) not to mention its very own tangerine garden (which you can even pick your tangerines)!

As there were 3 of us, there was an extra bed cozily placed out in the TV area when we entered the room. The décor of the room was very homely can comfortable with warm colors used and earthly wood for the flooring. Though it was autumn, it wasn’t that cold that we had to use the heater. In fact, with the sliding doors slightly opened, the cool breeze made good air conditioning.

Jejueco Suites
The extra bed right next to the TV!
Jejueco Suites
The comfy bed in the bedroom with a rack to hang your stuff
Jejueco Suites
The entrance
Jejueco Suites
The view outside the bedroom in the morning
Jejueco Suites
What lies beyond the room
Jejueco Suites
We have neighbors upstairs!
Jejueco Suites
The garden and bench right outside the room

The kitchenette at the corner was well equipped with a refrigerator, cooking utensils, cups and plates. There was even a table where we had our dinner and hot cups of coffee.

Jejueco Suites
The kitchenette

The bathroom was a good size equipped with shower, amenities and all. It would have better if there were more hangers to hang our stuff, but overall it was clean and quite new too.

Jejueco Suites
Clean toilet with ample of space
Jejueco Suites
Soap and shampoo (even conditioner) are provided!

Breakfast was included in the package, so for 2 days we had a hearty simple yet fulfilling breakfast. The breakfast area was a comfy homey place (located near the check-in counter and entrance).  Breakfast consisted of breads, biscuits, scones, eggs (hard boiled), fruits (e.g. fresh grapes), hot coffee/tea, milk etc… 

Jejueco Suites
The breakfast area with fresh flowers on the tables
Jejueco Suites
Simple yet fulfilling breakfast!

After breakfast (for 2 days), we would head out to start our day with the tour. Stay tuned on the tour posts!


Conclusion: Our stay at Jejueco Suites for 3 days / 2 nights and the tour, was a good choice as we were brought to some really nice scenic places and restaurants that served yummy food for lunch (minus  the headache of having to find transport on our own). If you are interested in staying at Jejueco Suites and/or taking up the tour (I believe you can just join their tour if you are interested, you just have to find your way to Jejueco Suites or make arrangements for them to pick you up if it's on the way). Do check out their website for more details and email them directly for a booking. Since our booking included the tour, wifi, breakfast, lunch and admission fees (to the attractions in the tour) were included. Our stay (plus tour) cost us 270,000 won each.

If you would like to just stay at Jejueco Suites (minus the tour), you can checkout the prices online to see if there are any discounts or promotions.

Our Jejueco Day Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
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