Glass Castle (Jeju)

As MX was eager to visit the Glass Castle, our flight (on Air Busan) was early in the morning. When we arrived at Jeju, we took a taxi to Jejueco and left our luggage with time since check-in time was in the afternoon. From Jejueco we took a cab down to Glass Castle and managed to reach there before 5pm. The staff at Jejueco were so nice to arrange a cab for us.

As its name suggests, the Glass Castle is a glass art theme park that consists of an exhibition hall and garden with everything made out entirely out of glass! All in all, there are 6 themed model parks with over 250 models exhibited: they include the world’s largest glass ball and largest glass diamond, a glass stonewall, a mirror lake, and a glass bridge etc...

I never knew that glass can be made into so many different things and I loved the wind chimes and all the displays at the museum. Unfortunately, we did not manage to make our own glass design as it was near closing time. in time. Despite that, we still managed to spend an awesome time oogling at the art pieces.

The exhibition was definitely a breathtaking sight to behold: glass displays made of all kinds of shapes and sizes! We couldn't help but be amazed and ended up taking - pictures of all the art pieces. We spent about 4 hours walking through the place and were too engrossed to notice that we were the only two that was left behind in the museum!

As a result, we asked the security guard to call a cab for us to go back to Jejueco. We had some language barrier, but we managed to use gestures to communicate! The security guard was really helpful: while waiting for the cab, he offered us to wait at the shelter. It was definitely an adventure for the both of us.

Overall, we spent 10,000 won to reach Glass Castle and 20,000 won back to the Jejueco, which averages to about 15,000 won per person.  If you love Running Man (apparently they filmed there before), and/or like to see artistic creative glass pieces (and even have the opportunity to make one yourself) than you should definitely visit the Glass Castle!

Glass Castle

462, Nokchabunjae-ro, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 제주시 한경면 녹차분재로 462

Operating Hours

0900-1800 * Ticket office closes at 1700

Admission Fees

Adults (19-64 years old): 9,000 won (if you have 30 or more people: 8,000 won)
Teenagers (13-18 years old): 8,00 won (if you have 30 or more people: 7,000 won)
Children (5-12 years old): 7,000 (if you have 30 or more people: 6,000 won)

This guest post was brought to you by DramaQueen - a slightly biased Korean music fan who loves food, life and traveling with her best friend when possible. ^^ 

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