JYJ's Kim Jae Joong Bum's Story Restaurant

JYJ's  Kim Jae Joong Bum's Story Resturant

MX is a big fan of Kim Jae Joong, so she planned to visit Bum's Story - a restaurant situated at Gangnam-gu Office area. She had looked at the blog Candy-sky.com and depended on it for directions, but unfortunately we got lost! The blog's directions was probably severely outdated since it was dated 2012, nothing on the blog could bring us to our destination. :(

Thankfully, MX used GPS to get the right directions to the restaurant. She really has the determination to find the destination, which honestly was out of the place (especially if you do not drive). So with determination and GPS in hand, we took about an hour or so to reach Bum's Story.

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted in Korean by the waitress. Her understanding of the English language was limited, so we had some issues communicating. Still after such a long time walking, we were just glad to have finally found the place and have to chance to rest our tired aching feet.

The ambiance was nice: the simple decorations and giant posters at the entrance were a sight to behold. Fans of JYJ (especially Kim Jar Joong) would go gaga over the posters (it is a celebrity restaurant after all)! Fans will also be treated to videos that showcase JYJ.
The experience was interesting: when we were ready to order our food, all we had to do was to press the bell and we were attended to. Water was free flow. 
Side note: there were some Japanese fans at the table next to us.
Once our food arrive, we were finally able to enjoy the good food. The seafood soup, dumplings and fried tempura were nice and satisfying (after our long walk in the cold autumn's breeze). Being the noobs that we were, we were unable to gauge (guess) the portion of the food and ended up order quite alot. It didn't help that we had a language barrier. So the food we ordered was too much for us to handle (lol).

JYJ's  Kim Jae Joong Bum's Story Resturant

I  highly recommend their seafood soup, which was really tasty and fresh. It was a tad spicy, but those who like their spicy would love this dish. The tempura was crispy and was served hot - Japanese-Korean fusion style. And of course, not to forget the dumplings which were yummy too. In total, we paid about 50,000 won for this meal. I think it is a reasonable price since we ordered seafood soup which is slightly more expensive in the receipt.

This guest post was brought to you by DramaQueen - a slightly biased Korean music fan who loves food, life and traveling with her best friend when possible. ^^ 

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